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Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0: Walkthrough Guide

Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0: Walkthrough Guide

List of Items on Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0
Ares - Additional 3 combo on the full charge.
Archer - 4 Homing missiles on the full charge.
Aegis - Destroys hostile missiles on the full charge.
Mjolnir - Two orbital strikes on the full charge.
Jammer - Threat bar reduced on the full charge.
Ragnarok - Explodes a random enemy on the full charge.
Midas - Gain 50x current combo on the full charge.
Tremor - Destroy all ground units on the full charge.

Taurus - Standard chassis. Radiates freedom.
Ferromag - Attracts power chips, power bar tripled.
Behemoth - Movement speed halved, 2 additional HP.
Predator - Adds an auto aiming attack drone, shield recharges slower.
Wraith - Threat and power meters fill twice as slowly.
Frenzy - 120 Percent attack speed, 1 less HP.
Sentinel - No combo lost if hit, 1 less HP.
Omega - Shield recharges twice as quickly, 1 less HP.

Dual Rippers - Increase primary autocannon firing rate.
Excalibur - No damage is taken from melee contact, except on bosses and blade mechs.
Jackhammer - Spread-shot, short-ranged shotgun.
Lancer - Electric lance that penetrates targets.
Groundhog - Fires bullets angled downwards.
Phoenix - Fires a homing missile.
Locusts - Fires six rockets in random directions.
Volcanis - Explodes into more shots on the kill.

Angelus - The capitalist wings of democracy.
Jump Jet - Vertical speed increased, Vertical bullets when moving.
Carapace - 1 Additional HP, primary gun fires slower.
Mercury - Movement and firing speed increased, 1 less HP.
Talons - Primary autocannon damage doubled, firing rate halved.
Raven - Fires bullets upwards, the secondary weapon fires slower.
Skater - Horizontal speed increased, adds rear firing bullets.
Rhino - Power meter charged on melee contract.

List of Enemy's Powerups on Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0
Armored Tanks - Battle tanks have extra armor.
Air Superity - Jet aircraft have extra cannons.
Battleship Armor - Battleships have extra armor.
Double Failsafe - ICBMs also explode when killed.
Explosive Cargo - Bombers explode when killed.
Flak Cannons - Anti-air vehicles fire flak shells.
Rotary Cannons - Gunships have aimed autocannons.
Scorched Earth - Ground units explode when killed.
Stealth Technology - stealth aircraft are harder to see.
Shield Breaker - Artillery mechs fire EMP shots.

Recommended Build on Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0
Build Aegis, Ferromag, Dual Rippers and Mercury
This is my winning build for Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0. The firing rate is insane for this setup, all you need to do is shoot enemies and dodge any incoming projectiles. Ferromag attracts all power chips to your robot and triggers the core ability, Aegis, once its full. The reason why I chose Aegis is, you start off with only 2 Health Bar. I prefer to have some defense to last me throughout the stages more easily. I love it.

Build Archer, Predator, Groundhog and Raven
My second best build for Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0. This setup shoots up, down and middle, almost like a cone shape. You also have a drone to help you take down enemies randomly, and your core ability is 4 homing missiles! Isn't this build lovely? I managed to can clear all 5 stages quite easily with this build, however still need to learn how to dodge bullets sadly.

Build Ragnarok, Behemoth, Excalibur and Rhino
You're invincible in this setup! Bosses will do little damage, and your only threat is the sword mechs. Just stay on any random boss and make Excalibur glitch. Watch your combo grow faster than you did without your dad, then return playing like before because you "ain't no cheetah'"! Or if you're lazy, put yourself in the bottom right corner, enemies start to blow constantly up.


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