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Fishy Waters: Walkthrough Guide

Fishy Waters: Walkthrough Guide

List of Fishes on Fishy Waters
Shrimp - Gone in one bite. Value: 10 Coins
Mackerel - Tastes great. Value: 20 Coins
Ray - Use rubber gloves. Value: 30 Coins
Eel - Slippery, slimy sea snake. Value: 50 Coins
Trout - Heavier than it looks. Value: 70 Coins
Shark - Tried to eat me once. Value: 100 Coins
Bass - Not the brightest. Value: 110 Coins
Swordfish - Razor sharp. Value: 150 Coins
Whale - Enough food for a decade. Value: 300 Coins
Kraken - Finally saved my dead... Value: 1000 Coins

List of Upgrade on Fishy Waterss
Rainbow Bay
Mach 609 - My first engine. Cost: 150 Coins
Cheapo Rod - A good start. Cost: 80 Coins

Pllot's Basin
Scott Fishin' Boat - Definitely a better boat. Cost 500
Feather Pole - Good Quality. Cost 700

Shark Waters
McLane Pro Fishing Rig - Comes with a crew of one. Cost: 1000
Ultra Blast - Ain't no better engine in the verse. Cost: 2000

Deep Sea
Hemmingway Ultra Yacht - Only for the best. Cost: 2000
Xtreme Angling 3000 - could steal thunder from gods. Cost: 3000

Recommended Build on Fishy Waters
1. Cheapo Rod
2. Mach 609
3. Scott Fishin' Boat
4. Feather Pole
5. Ultra Blast
6. McLane Pro Fishing Rig
7. Xtreme Angling 3000
8. Hemmingway Ultra Yacht *optional*

Walkthrough Guide on Fishy Waters
Simple goal, simple concept and simple gameplay. Nothing very challenging overall. If you want to talk about the hardest part, for me it will be using the arrow keys to move, and to reel back is escaping fish. I sucked it at first, but soon get a hang of it after a few tries. I've noticed that a shrimp takes up the same amount of space on the ship as a whale. To gain more coins more quickly, try aiming for the bigger catch, and then only sell your fishes when you run out of space. Explore and find the nearest shortcut back to the shop. The world is round in Fishy Waters; goes right and came back to Rainbow Bay from the left! For anyone having trouble with the seeing or pressing the correct arrows. Where it appears tells you which key, if its on the left of your boat press left, right press right and above your boat press up.


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