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Dig To China: Walkthrough Guide

Dig To China: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Dig To China
Explosives - Consumable.
Cost: 3 coal
Time Upgrade - More dig time.
Cost: 25 Iron, 25 Gold / 25 Titanium, 100 gold / 25 Uranium, 125 Gold
Pick Upgrade - Higher penetration.
Cost: 10 Iron, 15 Gold / 20 Titanium, 100 gold / 30 Diamond, 200 Gold
Drill Upgrade - High power drill digging.
Cost: 10 Titanium, 50 Gold / 20 Diamond, 125 Gold / 20 Diamond, 20 Uranium, 200 Gold
More Moles - Encounter the elusive pack mole.
Cost: 10 Titanium, 50 Gold / 20 Uranium, 200 Gold / 5 Diamond, 500 Gold
Archaeologist Outfit - Does nothing. Looks slick.
Cost: 150 Bone

Recommended Build on Dig To China
1. Pick Upgrade
2. Time Upgrade
3. More Moles
4. Drill Upgrade
5. Repeat!

Walkthrough Guide on Dig To China
For whatever reason, I have always been attracted to games like this. Starting is always slow for such games but it gets progressively faster and things will be more interesting afterwards. Normally for the first few runs, you should aim to collect as much coal as possible. Because, well, for every 3 coal you can buy for an explosive. And explosive does Area of Effect aka AOE damage, which guarantees loots effortlessly in a single click. My point is, do not be hesitated to use explosives! They are cheap for the amount of work done, especially around 200m depth, where rocks are the toughest. Lastly, you should always try to land on a mole after purchasing "More Moles" upgrade. You'll love a number of loots it generates! It doesn't take too long to get to China and win the game. With exactly 3 Time Upgrades, 2 Pick Upgrades, 1 Drill Upgrade, 1 More Moles and saved up roughly 10 bombs are all you need on your final run. The hardest part is the middle section, where you find all the diamonds with lots of pot holes everywhere. Use your bombs carefully here, once you're on the other side it's almost an automatic win.

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