Monday, January 13, 2014

Loot Hero: Walkthrough Guide

Loot Hero: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Loot Hero
Attack - Increase attack damage.
Critical - Increase critical chance.
Defence - Increase defence.
Speed - Increase movement speed.

Recommended Build on Loot Hero
1. Defence
2. Attack
3. Critical
4. Speed
5. Repeat! :D

Walkthrough Guide on Loot Hero
In Loot Hero, you endlessly run from zone to zone, fighting orcs, goblins, ratmen, the undead, frost trolls, and dragons, gathering almost infinite loot that can only actually be used to improve further your character's ability to fight aforementioned monsters. Defense is your primary stats then followed by Attack. Speed is good but doesn't over upgrade it, as you can't control your character very well when you are too fast. It does lag the flash too, maintain it around 25-35 is ideal. This range is the most manageable and progressive in my opinion, especially at higher levels you don't want to get your character killed too quickly. Critical stat is good, and I noticed you can still keep buying it even it is maxed at 100%, but just leave at 100%.


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