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The Everloom: Walkthrough Guide

The Everloom: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on The Everloom
#1 - String
The first thing you'll need is to find String. You can get it from Fatts McGruf located in the area left of the Weaver by the Sphinx.

#2 - Scythe
Next, get the scythe from Toadpad in the village area above the Weaver.

#3 - Tethers
Now you'll need to take a bit of a journey to get tethers from Draco. He is located at the airship area right of the Weaver where Izabel is and goes all the way down. There's another exit to the left of the waterfall. That room will be a short little jaunt around, and that'll take you to the airship area. You need to go all the way to the end of it to find Draco, who will tie your string into tethers.

#4 - Ballons
By now, you will have your strings tied into tethers. You can now harvest the little bobbing water cactus and turn them into balloons. You need 13 of them which you will give to Izabel. (If you already wiped out the water cactus population - don't worry, they spawn like rabbits.)

#5 - Izabel Hair
Izabel will drop a strand of hair, and you bring that to Cadmus, who is in the area above the Weaver.

#6 - Confidence
Cadmus will give you confidence, which you can now use to get past the Sphinx.

#7 - Fire Gate Key
Search for the Bad Cultist above the sphinx hiding behind the trees who will give you a key to the fire gates down south of the Weaver.

#8 - Solving Fire Gate Maze
Follow the numbers in the picture below and those marked with X must be avoided. Some things need to be done twice.

Pictorial Guide on The Everloom

#9 - Egg
After completing the maze, proceed left and go to the very bottom until you find the meditating sage. The Sage will give you an Egg after getting all philosophical for a bit.

#10 - Revealing Eye
You want to go back to the area above the weaver. Go back to the fire gate maze and enter the last teleporter to be taken back to the beginning of the maze, from there just head up. Now go back to the area above the Weaver until you reach the tall building then go left and then up where the Cultist is doing the rituals. Talk to Lazarus and he'll take the egg and in return, he will let you use his Revealing Eye. To get to the eye, go to the right of the Weaver then go all the way down and to the left. It's standing on the cliff there.

#11 - Ring Hunt
Now you can use the eye to find the ring. It's in 4 pieces to make a complete set. The first fragment is just right below the revealing eye. The second is located in a puddle in the pathway to the airship area. The third is on the pathway below the cultists in the area above the Weaver. The fourth and final fragment are on the scenic overlook above the Sphinx.

#12 - Cash
Upon getting the last fragment, the ring will be restored. You can now give it to Rich Uptight von Wealthson located left of the Weaver. The guy right below the Sphynx. You will receive Cash from him.

#13 - Ice Cream
Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck parked on a cliff near the airship.

#14 - Stone
Bring the ice cream to Martha by Toadpad in the area above the Weaver. You will get a rock.

#15 - Switch
Head towards the Sphinx and find the switch. The switch to open the lighting barrier above the Sphinx and to the right.

#16 - Blue Fire Puzzle
Get past the lighting gate. After a few more cinematics, you'll have to solve a puzzle with blue fire. The easy way to solve it is only to touch each rune once in a circle. If you've already triggered some, don't worry, just keep hitting them.


  1. Don't understand the fire maze map.

  2. Your trying to get to number 11. Note that you have to switch numbers 9 so you can pass to number 11.