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Battalion Commander 2: Walkthrough Guide

Battalion Commander 2: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Battalion Commander 2
Weapon: Double Pistols - The leader wields two pistols.
Ally: Rifleman - Unlocks allied Rifleman. Riflemen shoot bullets straight forward.
Skill: Adrenaline Injection - Makes enemies and enemy bullets move slower.

Weapon: Double SMGs - The leader wields two sub machine guns.
Ally: Grenadier - Unlocks allied Grenadier. Grenadiers throw grenades which explode either when hitting the enemy or after the timeout.
Logistics - + 100% to the money and XP magnet radius.

Skill: Napalm Wave - Every ally launches a burst of fire straight forward.
Ally Upgrade: Automatic Rifleman - Equips Riflemen with Automatic Rifles. Automatic Rifle shoots burst fire.
Fireteam: Rifleman - The game starts with one Rifleman in the squad.

Master Sergeant
Weapon: Shotgun - The leader shots 7 bullets.
Ally: Marksman - Unlocks allied Marksman. Marksmen shoot right in the target.
Fireteam: Grenadier - The game starts with one Grenadier in the squad.

2nd Lieutenant
Weapon: Jackhammer - The leader shoots bursts of bullets.
Ally Upgrade: Flamethrower - Equips Grenadiers with Flamethrowers. Flamethrowers spray out burning fuel.
Battle Experience - Enemies drop 20% more money and XP.

1st Lieutenant
Weapon: Minigun - The leader fires 6-bullets bursts.
Ally: Rocketeer - Unlocks allied Rocketeer. Rocketeers launch rockets straight forward.
Fireteam: Marksman - The game starts with one Marksman in the squad.

Skill: Airstrike - Launches deadly air strike which hits every enemy on the screen.
Ally Upgrade: Advanced Sniper Rifle - Marksmen shoot two bullets.
Inspiration - Skills reload 30% faster.

Weapon: Heavy Minigun - The leader fires 6-bullets bursts and throws grenades.
Weapon Training - All weapons reload 30% faster.
Fireteam: Rocketeer - The game starts with one Rocketeer in the squad

Lieutenant Colonel
Weapon: Rocket Launcher - The leader launches 3 rockets.
Ally Upgrade: Homing Missiles - Rocketeers launch homing missiles.
War Supplies - + 30% to bonuses drop rate.

Weapon: Missile Launcher - The leader launches 1 rocket and 2 homing missiles.
Skill: AirSupport: Allied battle helicopter comes to support your squad.
Drilling - All the allies get 50% fire rate boost.

List of Perks on Battalion Commander 2
Complete those current brown missions to unlock perks.
Splinter Shells - Explosives produce Splinters.
APC Vehicle - The squad starts the game in the car.
Uranium Core Bullets - Bullets cause more damage.
Fire Bullets - Bullets set fire to target.
Napalm Core - Explosives are loaded with napalm.
Medi Kit - Leader can heal allies.
Fireproof Spray - Squad members do not burn.
Armor - Reduces damage.
U.A.V - UAVs will support the team.
Military Boots - + 20% the squad movement speed.
Nano Bots - Leader regenerates.
Salvation - Restores 50% health when the skill is activated.
M.R.E Pack - + 100% to all allies.
Grenades - Allies throw grenades.
Energy Shield - Grants temporary shield when the skill is activated.
X-Ray Glasses - Unveils hidden enemies.

Recommended Build on Battalion Commander 2
1. Weapon: Double SMGs
2. Logistics
3. Ally: Grenadier
4. Ally Upgrade: Automatic Rifleman
5. Skill: Napalm Wave
6. Weapon: Shotgun
7. Ally: Marksman
8. Battle Experience
9. Weapon: Jackhammer
10. Ally Upgrade: Flamethrower
11. Ally: Rocketeer
12. Inspiration
13. Ally Upgrade: Advance Sniper Rifle
14. Weapon Training
15. War Supplies
16. Ally Upgrade: Homing Missiles
17. Drilling
18. Weapon: Missile Launcher
19. Fireteam: Rifleman
20. Fireteam: Grenadier
21. Fireteam: Marksman
22. Fireteam: Rocketeer
23. Skill: AirStrike
24. Weapon: Rocket Launcher
25. Weapon: Heavy Minigun
26. Skill: AirSupport
27. Weapon: Minigun

1. Military Boots
2. Armor
3. Uranium Core Bullets
4. Energy Shield or Fireproof Spray

Walkthrough Guide on Battalion Commander 2
Battalion Commander 2 is pretty much similar if compared to the very first game, Battalion Commander. My strategy and guide are almost the same except there are slight changes. This time round, I will equip myself with Jackhammer and Napalm Wave for the most part. Jackhammer is an upgraded version of a shotgun that shoots three bursts of bullets in a spread effect. Super effective in killing when the map is wide and do tons of damage! Napalm Wave destroys anything in a straight path which is good at clearing clustering and perfect for its fairly short cooldown time.

The recommended build worked well for me; I completed the game after upgrading War Supplies. I'd only unlock those upgrades, I feel is necessary... Like Jackhammer, Advance Sniper Rifle and Weapon Training. These are very overpowered upgrades; Definitely, must get as soon as you can! While Minigun, AirSupport, and Rocket Launcher are somewhat useless in my honest opinion. They don't feel right for me.

For the final boss, it can be divided into three parts/stage. The first stage should be easily activated napalm and start running around with a full squad. The second stage is the flamethrower and missiles part. The simplest way to counter is to pick fireproof spray perks. Just laugh when it dealt no damage to you and your squad. >:D In the third stage, since the bullets are in a pattern just dodging them by moving back and forth. Your allies will most likely die but don't stop here! Keep dodging and launch napalm whenever possible. Tada, you win!


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