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Bit Battles: Walkthrough Guide

Bit Battles: Walkthrough Guide

List of Items on Bit Battles
Bomb - Average blast and damage.
Cost: 0
Ice Bomb - Slows enemies and increases push.
Cost: 50
Fire Bomb - Damage over time, no push.
Cost: 50
Push Bomb - Small blast, huge push, and damage.
Cost: 10
Bertha Bomb - Biggest of the booms.
Cost: 250
Cap UP (1) - Increase unit by 25.
Cost: 150
Cap UP (2) - Increase unit by 25.
Cost: 150
Health Max - Vastly increase max health.
Cost: 100
Mana Max - Vastly increase max mana.
Cost: 200
Mana Regen - Vastly increase mana regeneration.
Cost: 100

Recommended Build on Bit Battles
1. Mana Regen
2. Ice Bomb
3. Fire Bomb
4. Push Bomb
5. Bertha Bomb
6. Mana Max
7. Cap UP (1)
8. Cap UP (2)
9. Health Max

Walkthrough Guide on Bit Battles
I found myself using the same tactic to win every battle. In Bit Battles, Knights are good at handling enemies in the top row. Spearmen are better at beating middle rows by spamming their ability. Mages are superb against the bottom row due to the later suiciding enemies. Every win will grant you gold, and you should upgrade all the bombs first. I've found it better just to zerg every battle to win. When the battle begins, click once on my line for defense and then spam click in one spot where the enemy is thinnest and send all my troops down that one path. Then spam bombs to clear their way before they can reach your defenses. Use the bombs (ice especially) to slow down the enemies if needed.

After clearing a battle, level the stat attack on the mages and knights. For spearmen, add the stat push and a bit of armor if they are taken out too quickly; It is overpowering in the later game. For the final boss, it was beaten by my spearmen using the rush tactics and with the push bombs alone. Or else, you can also use mages! They are good at clearing massive waves of enemies due to their fullscreen laser ability.


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