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Battalion Commander: Walkthrough Guide

Battalion Commander: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Battalion Commander
Weapon: Double Pistols - The leader wields two pistols.
Ally: Rifleman - Unlocks allies Rifleman. Riflemen shoots bullets straight forward.
Skill: AirStrike - Launches deadly air strike which hits every enemy on the screen.

Stamina - + 20% movement speed.
Ally: Grenadier - Unlocks allied Grenadier. Grenadier throw grenades which explode either when hitting the enemy of after the timeout.
Logistics - + 100% to the money and XP magnet radius

Weapon: Shotgun - The leader fires spreads of Bullets.
Fireteam: Rifleman - The game starts with one Rifleman in the squad.
Attached Grenade Launcher - Rifleman throws a grenade instead of each 10th shot.

Master Sergeant
Small Arms Mastery - + 20% fire rate of leader's Double Pistols and Shotgun
Fireteam: Grenadier - The game starts with one Grenadier in the squad.
Skill - Every ally launches a burst of fire straight forward.

2nd Lieutenant
Fast Start - The Squad Starts the game in the car.
Ally: Marksman - Unlocks allied Marksman. Marksman shoots right in the target.
Battle Experience - Enemies drop 20% more money and XP.

1st Lieutenant
Weapon: Minigun - The leader fires bursts of bullets.
Fireteam: Marksman - The game starts with one Marksman in the squad.
First-Aid Kit - When the leader health drops to 0, he restores 50% of health. Works only once per game.

Extra Ammo - + 4 bullets to Shotgun and Minigun.
Ally: Automatic Rifleman - Unlocks allied Automatic Rifleman. Automatic Rifleman shoot burst fire.
Inspiration - Skills reload 30% faster.

Weapon: Rocket Launcher - The leader launches 4 homing missiles.
Drilling - All the allies get 50% fire rate boost.
Skill: Heroic Dash - The squad becomes invulnerable, and the running speed rises for 3 seconds.

Lieutenant Colonel
Big Guns Mastery - 30% faster Minigun and Rocket Launcher reload.
Ally: AA Specialist - Unlocks allied AA Specialist. AA Specialist launches homing missiles.
War Supplies - + 30% to bonuses drop rate.

Nanobots - The leader regenerates.
Future Armor - + 100% HP to all allies
Salvation - The leader and every ally restore 50% health when the skill is activated.

List of Recommended Build on Battalion Commander
1. Logistics
2. Stamina
3. Ally: Grenadier
4. Weapon: Shotgun
5. Attached Grenade Launcher
6. Fireteam: Rifleman
7. Small Arms Mastery
8. Skill: Napalm Wave
9. Fireteam: Grenadier
10. Battle Experience
11. Ally: Marksman
12. Fireteam: Marksman
13. First-Aid Kit
14. Extra Ammo
15. Inspiration
16. Drilling
17. War Supplies
18. Future Armor
19. Salvation
20. Nanobots
21. Weapon: Minigun
22. Ally: Automatic Rifleman
23. Weapon: Rocket Launcher
24. Big Guns Mastery
25. Ally AA Specialist
26. Skill: Heroic Dash
27. Fast Start

List of Walkthrough Guide on Battalion Commander
Battalion Commander gets easier over time to win as you progress and unlock more upgrades. For me, I will equip myself with Shotgun and Napalm Wave. Simply reasoning, because spread bullets are more effective to kill, and Napalm Wave have a fairly short cooldown time. I win the game at after upgrading Nanobots according to my recommended build. A fast way to get quick cash and XP. Buy the Fast Start as soon as you can, when you start the mission, try it hit as many foot soldiers as you can. After your car explodes and you can collect all the dropped money and XP, quit the level and restart + repeat. Very fast way to get all the upgrade and ranks, however, it's a grind fest.

If you've noticed, I leave Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Heroic Dash and Fast Start at the very end of the build. Personally, I find Minigun and Rocket Launcher less useful than Shotgun. In my opinion, Heroic Dash is pretty terrible in practice... All the enemies can target, including behind them. While you and your allies are mostly just able to shoot straight ahead. "Heroic Dash" should be called as "Horrible Death." A fast start is quite useful but unable to toggle it off and may cause lag. I feel it's best to upgrade it last.


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