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Pixel Kingdom: Walkthrough Guide

Pixel Kingdom: Walkthrough Guide

List of Guild on Pixel Kingdom
Warrior - With moderate Hp, Attack, and Speed, warriors can be deployed in almost any situation!
Archer - Archers excel at dealing tons of damage before an enemy even touches them.
Rogue - Rogues lack in HP but make up for it with Speed and Attack Speed.
Wizard - Wizards used ranged magic to defeat foes. Their fireballs explode on impact which is useful when enemies are close to each other.
Knight - Knights can soak up a ton of damage, and also have a chance to knock back enemies on hit.
Cleric - Heals the units directly in front in the same lane.
Monk - Utility units with strong knockback. Useful for stalling enemy units.
Berserker - High Attack and summons lightning on hit to deal damage in the surrounding area.
Paladin - High HP. Paladins heal themselves on hit!
Necromancer - Summons Skeleton units to do all of the fightings!
Ninja - Ranged units that throw shurikens in multiple directions.
Dragoon - Similar to the Warrior, but with the highest speed in the game.
Champion - Extremely high Atk and HP. Their energy slash rips through the lane.
Gladiator - Similar to the Knight but greatly favors Attack over HP.
Pirate - drops bombs while advancing in a lane. Useful for area damage.
Druid - Uses ranged nature magic that passes through enemies and can Knockback
Engineer - Tap him to build a Turret!
Bard - Units who pass by a Bard will gain double speed and x.15 Attack!
Viking - Tap the Viking to shout! All enemies in the lane will be stunned.

List of Gears on Pixel Kingdom
Mithril Shield - Warriors now wield Mithril Shields, granting them bonus Health.
Bandit Boots - Rogues will now cost only 7 Mana.
Elvish Bow - Archers, will now deal more damage with Elvish Bows.
Ice Bolt - Wizards conjure an Ice Bolt to slow enemies.
Fire Sword - Knights now use their Fire Swords to deal more damage!
Holy Scepter - Clerics, can now heal for much more.
Black Belt - Monks now have Black Belts, allowing them to Knock enemies back further.
Dragon Axes - Berserkers now dual wield Dragon Axes, granting them bonus attack.
Lightbringer - Paladins now have a chance to summon a beam of light, dealing damage in the entire lane.
Demon Scythe - Necromancers can now summon Chaos Demons
Teleport Ninjutsu - Tap/Click on Ninjas to teleport them!
Dragon Lance - Dragoons now wield Dragon Lances, granting them bonus Attack.

List of Items on Pixel Kingdom
Health Boost - Boost Health by 5 for next level.
Mana Boost - Boost starting Mana by 10 for next level.
Damage Boost - Boost Attack of all units by 10% for the next level.
Summon Dragon - Increase the chance of encountering a Dragon
Speed Boost - Boost the Speed of all units for next level by 10%
Regen Boost - Boost starting Mana Regen by 5% for the next level.

List of Spellbook on Pixel Kingdom
1500 Gold - Water Thunder Thunder Thunder Water
5000 Gold and 5 Gems - Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Water
7500 Gold and 10 Gems - Fire Thunder Thunder Thunder Water
300,000 Gold & 150 Gems - Water Thunder Water Water Fire Water Fire
5000 Gold - Fire Water Water Fire Fire
999999999999999 Gems - Fire Water Water Fire Fire
Dragoon Unit - Fire Fire Fire Thunder Fire
Undead Army - Thunder Fire Fire Fire Fire (can be deactivated)
Disable Ads: Water Water Water Water Water Thunder Thunder Water

Walkthrough Guide on Pixel Kingdom
Building Dragoon or Warrior and Druid
I love upgrading all my gems on especially on Dragoon or Warrior. They are very cheap to summon (only cost five mana each) and should be badly abused by spamming, once you upgraded your mana pool twice. After earning enough gold to unlock druid, you are unstoppable. The druid uses ranged nature magic that passes through enemies and can knockback enemies. They are no way you will lose a single point in any situation. :)

Building only Rogue
Rogue is slightly weak in HP, but the attack speed is very high. If you upgrade all your gems on this guy... He can be the next spam-able hero because of the item, Bandit Boots. With the item equipped, Rouge will only cost only 7 Mana to produce. Slightly higher mana to summon than Warrior and Dragoon but better damage per second.

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