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House of Wolves: Walkthrough Guide

House of Wolves: Walkthrough Guide

List of Buildings on House of Wolves
Hut - Recruit Settlers and gather resources
Chicken Farm - Generates chickens for food
Pig Farm - Generates pigs for food
Barracks - Train the best swordsmen in the realm
Archery - Train the finest Archers
Black Smith - Upgrade your troops here
Wizard Tower - Recruit Wizards that will help you in battle
Watch Tower - Mounted with an archer, this tower is great to keep an area safe.
Tower - Mounted with two archers, this tower is much more durable and damaging.
Fortress - Recruit Knights and Catapults

List of Units on House of Wolves
Settler - Settlers are the heart of your people. Use them to gather resources and build structures.
HP + 40, Attack + 6
Spearman - Peasants with spears. Good for a small fight. Weak against arrows.
HP + 50, Attack + 10
Swordman - Stronger and better equipped than the spearman. Very effective in melee combat.
HP + 120, Attack + 20
Archer - Can attack from a distance, but extremely weak in melee. Support unit.
HP + 25, Attack + 4
Mounted Swordman - Mounted on a horse, the swordsmen is faster and can last longer in battle. 50% chance of 2nd life.
HP + 175, Attack + 30
Wizard - Support unit, will heal teammates around him. Extremely vulnerable in combat.
HP + 60, Attack + 8
Knight - Knights are the best soldiers we got. They are steady and effective.
HP + 155, Attack + 25
Mounted Knight - Once mounted on his warhorse, the mounted knight is almost unstoppable. 50% chance of 2nd life. Special charge attack.
HP + 200, Attack + 35
Catapult - Slow and steady it goes, but once in position, it unleashes hell. Just make sure to protect it well.
HP + 30, Attack + 75

List of Upgrades on House of Wolves
Sharp Spears - Spearmen damage + 2 / 5
Sharp Arrow Tips - Archers damage + 1 / 3
Sharp Swords - Swordmen damage + 5 / 12
Boiled leather - Infantry HP + 10 / 20 %
Stiff Bows - Archers range + 10 / 20 %
Siegecraft - Catapult range + 25 %
Fine Horseshoes - Horse speed + 20 %
Glory - Mounted Knight Mana + 25 %
Spell Mastery - Wizard Mana + 15 %

Walkthrough Guide on House of Wolves
Standard Rush
Your goal in the standard mode is to build up a settlement, use it to raise an army, and send the army to war against the bad guys. Eventually, you'll locate the enemy king in his castle, and if you put up enough resistance, you'll bring him down and win the game.

Usually, I will always start building a Hut or two at every rock/iron/gold mine you find. Use those Huts to spawn a ton more Settlers. Best is pop out three more settlers to mine collect the all kind of materials. Most of them should go on woodcutting duty. You should have roughly 33% of your population at any time taken up by settlers or maybe a little less. Five or six of them, though, must be dedicated to setting up Pig Farms. You'll have enough stone to build at least a few of these structures. Get several of them working on slaughtering pigs and you won't have to worry about food for quite awhile.

Keep a contingent of soldiers guarding the eastern (right) border at all times. This force may be required to increase in size as the difficulty increases. It should probably take up around 10-20% of your population to be effective. You may set up a Barracks and Archery. Another Watchtower in the east can't hurt your chances, and an Archery will let you set that up.

The remaining portion of your population should be directed first at clearing the western (left) portion of the map, then the eastern (right) portion. Use whatever types of soldiers are most effective at defeating particular types of enemies you encounter. When a mine is depleted, direct the settlers who have been working it to either farm pigs or harvesting lumber. About half of your non-mining settlers should be in a mob, going from tree to tree chopping. Simply direct them to chop as you go along, and eventually they will be picked up by the mob that develops.

FOOD! If you don't have enough of it, you won't be able to keep your two armies at maximum strength. You should have about one pig farm for every two huts you have, and each pig farm should be worked by two settlers. Deer are unreliable, and chicken farming is too slow. Next, doesn't be afraid to place new military buildings closer to your new frontiers. They're not particularly expensive once you've established a good woodcutting enterprise, and they are very useful in keeping reinforcements up to date. However, the Blacksmith only needs to be built once.

Eventually, with enough growth of your army, you'll hit the population cap. Huts won't get you more people; you'll need to increase your population by saving princesses from the clutches of the enemy. After fending off an enemy attack, send a sizable force out to take on initial enemy encampments. Your force should consist of the following:

- A handful of Swordmen: these will form the core of your offensive wall.
- A larger group of Spearmen who can draw some of the fire away from your Swordmen and overwhelm the bad guys through sheer numbers.
- A cluster of Archers: they'll line up behind your melee fighters and pelt your enemies with arrows.
- Several Settlers: they can also fire at a range, and you'll want them for establishing more remote outposts as you make your way along.
- One, possibly two Wizards: they provide the essential service of healing your units between fights, and can launch harmful spells at a range.

With a force of roughly thirty or forty soldiers, you'll have no trouble steamrolling the first few encampments you come across. This will get a bit trickier as you run into Towers and, eventually, Fortresses, so don't overstretch your bounds too much. Once you start running into enemy fortresses, put your advance on hold, set up a little outpost your army can defend, and look to surrounding resources. You want to take advantage of any stone deposits you 'liberated' along the way by setting up Huts for harvesting purposes. If the stone lacks in the east, look to the west. It's generally easier to kill monsters than soldiers.

Once you hit enemy Fortresses, you should build at least one of your own. Fortresses are capable of spawning every unit already featured (besides Wizards and Settlers), and they're an impressive defensive fortification besides. A Fortress will also unlock the strongest units in the game, including the impressive Catapult. Catapults will allow you to bring down enemy Fortresses a great deal more easily. Set up three or four Catapults at the rear of your army, recruit a few more Wizards for healing, and set up a more potent assault force at the front. Your game is now a simple matter of steady expansion and conquering of enemy Fortresses. Every time you crush a Fortress you'll free a princess, and her influence will increase your population cap by five. Use this to bolster your army to an impressive size! Lastly, support your armies with towers. Only build stone towers when you're in serious trouble, though. Stone is more effectively used in mobile troops, and does not replenish itself, whereas wood is renewable.

Speed Rush
Speed Rush is slightly straightforward. You are only to win the game by using only settlers! Yup, but if you screwed up, you will almost have no chance of winning. The first 25 settlers should mainly focus on gathering materials especially wood and food. The rest of the settlers should be clearing camps and destroying castle & tower. Remember to build huts at fallen campsites and towers, this is an easy way to replace dead settlers and harvest precious resources like stones.

With enough materials, rush for Black Smith and Sharp Arrow Tips immediately. You will notice your settlers will have a slight increase in overall damage. From here onward, they can clear the eastern (right) portion of the map with your both eyes closed. You're basically unstoppable with a large unit of weak settlers. ^^


  1. I have a hard time getting my villagers to gather food continuously...they will when i tell them to but stop after all the meat has been harvested..please help!!

    armoredgames id: sirfartsalotmore

    1. Build a ton of chicken houses, the meat wont run out. Alternatively, hunt deer.

  2. go find gold and iron if you get past some of the forts.