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ButtonX20: Walkthrough Guide

ButtonX20: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on ButtonX20
Level 1
- Use the arrow keys and jump on top of the button.
- Once the laser is de-activated, collect the key and the exit through the door.

Level 2
- Jump on the button until it goes all the way down.

Level 3
- Stand and wait on top of the button to weigh it down.

Level 4
- The current button is faulty, so push it out of the screen to the left and once you get a new one jump on it.

Level 5
- Jump just before the button appears to land on top.

Level 6
- Jump on the button until the laser fades out.

Level 7
- Jump on the buttons in the order they flash.

Level 8
- Jump on the slightly darker block on the floor to fall.
- When the spikes retract, push the block along and headbutt the button on the ceiling.
- Being careful to avoid the spikes by resting on the block, push it all the way to the right and make your way up.
- Walk left through the corridor and fall the middle to collect the key.

Level 9
- Click on the button using your mouse.

Level 10
- Push the button to the left wall, then jump onto the platform above it, to make it fall onto the button.

Level 11
- Jump from higher ground to make the room shake and to make the button drop to the ground. (This will take 3 goes.)

Level 12
- Walking left shows you where the button is, but you can't press it.
- You have to walk right and fall, then quickly jump left and up over the platforms before they disappear.

Level 13
- After pressing the button, you will need to head butt the laser guns on each side to help break them.

Level 14
- Jump onto the button from the low platform.
- This will make you bounce higher to make it to the higher platform.
- Jump onto the button from the high platform and reach for the key.

Level 15
- Jump on the button then walks halfway between it and the left wall.
- Jump up to reveal a hidden platform.
- Jump up again, then far right and up again, revealing 3 more platforms as you go.

Level 16
- Jump up to the right and push the disjointed block.
- When you're in the next room, jump on every second block as they will disappear and you need to leave yourself a way to get back.

Level 17
- The hint is in the level name.
- Press the button and don't worry that the laser doesn't disappear, as it's only an illusion.

Level 18
- Jump on the button then uses the mouse to drag the key to the Yellow Ninja.

Level 19
- Jump on the button to make the laser flash.
- Make your way to one of the highest platforms and with the right timing, jump through the gap, pausing the game (with P) as soon as you touch the key.
- The laser won't pause, and you will need to un-pause (with P), at the right time to drop through the gap again.

Level 20
- Jump on the button and make your way the top-right platform.
- Above the right laser gun is a secret passage you need to walk through.
- Once you're in the next room, jump on the pillars making sure you leave yourself a way to come back. (They move down each time you touch them.)


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