Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Small Talk At The Back Of Beyond: Walkthrough Guide

A Small Talk At The Back Of Beyond: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide
1. Hello
2. No
3. What is AGS?
4. Why do I need Artifical Gravity System?
5. What is ESC POD?
At this point, the computer should admit its secret. Choose and type in your ending below.

Ending #1
1. What can I do?
2. I will leave
3. Yes.

Ending #2
What can I do?
I will stay

Things to Try
1. Answer "Yes" when the computer asks if you know where you are. Then, when he asks you where you think you are, answer "In Space" or "In a shelter."
2. Agreeing to play chess, view the computer's pictures, or listen to his story will lead to a game over. Once you know why it becomes quite chilling.
3. What government?
4. Why was I chosen?
5. Agree to play chess, then select the Info option of the chess program.
6. Open Vent
7. Open Window
8. Turn on the Light. Turn on the Light.
9. Can I go?
10.Is there anyone else still alive?
11. Can I turn you off?
12. Where is the shelter?
13. Who are you?
14. What is the time?
15. What year is it?
16. How long have I been here?
17. Kill me.
18. What is the auxiliary generators system?
19. What do you want?
20. Try repeatedly swearing at the computer.
21. Why should I stay with you?
22. Can you come with me?
23. Why did you lie to me?
24. Can you fix the ship?
25. Do you want to play chess?
26. Are you lonely?
27. I love you.
28. I hate you.


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