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Fear Less!: Walkthrough Guide

Fear Less!: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Fear Less!
Recover - Recover Health. Cost: 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100
Health - Gain half a heart. Cost: 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100
Jump - Jump higher. Cost: 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100
Sword - Better sword aim. Cost: 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100
Fox Ears - Foxes won't attack you. Cost: 200

List of Medals on Fear Less!
Death Dodger - Run 100m far.
Recurring Nightmares - Run 666m total.
The Grass is Greener - Run 500m far.
The Hardest One - Win a medal.
If You Can't Beat Em... - Buy the Fox Ears.
All of the Things - Buy all upgrades.
Traumatized - Die 10 times.
Fighting Back - Travel twice as far as your first run.
Master of Suspense - Recover from near death to full health.
Trouble With Truffles - Only takes damage from mushrooms.
Like a Badger Badger - Jump over 100 mushrooms.
Mushroom Cloud - Jump over 500 obstacles total.
Out Fox - Pop 20 foxes.
Over the Moon - Pop 15 wolves.
With Her Bear Hands - Pop 10 bears.
How Could You? - Hurt an innocent bunny.
You're NOT on Fire! - Safely run past 100 fires.
Sunshine - Beat the Nightmare.
Collector - Get 15 Dream Coins in one run.
Hoarder - Get 300 Dream Coins in your bank.
All of the Money - Get 150 Dream Coins in one run.
Pacifist - Jump over an enemy.
Friend to Nature - Jump over every kind of animal.
Squat Thrusts - Jump off the screen.
Rhythm - Run 20s flawlessly.
Flow Ninja - Run 60s flawlessly.
Inception - Run 120s flawlessly.

Recommended Build on Fear Less!
1. Recover
2. Jump
3. Sword
4. Health
5. Repeat until you get all upgrades.
6. Fox Ears

Walkthrough Guide on Fear Less!
At first, don't bother much about upgrades, rack up some coins, at least 50. Secondly, get recover, the first step is to clear out the most complicated tasks, like Master of Suspense, you just have to get hurt until your health drops til 1/2 a heart and wait for some. Normally, you can't do this too fast, so as you get more coins, upgrade jump so you can live more. Now, if you hadn't acquired those yet, focus onto the following easy medals: Death Dodger, The Hardest One, How Could You?, Fighting Back, Traumatized, Trouble with Truffles, Collector, and Rhythm. Once done, this is where we start playing for real. You can now focus on getting more coins and increasing anything you find lacking but prioritize jump and health. The remaining medals are pretty straightforward. However if you want to ask me which is the hardest medal to get, that will be the medal "Inception"! Because I think is a challenge to run flawlessly for 2 minutes straight, but still achievable after a few tries. I would highly suggest you to get all the upgrades first before trying. Don't Double/Triple jump just because you can, you may need to Double/Triple jump over something and not be able to because you are still in the air. You can jump over enemies, if you miss on the sword bar, and avoid taking damage. If you get attacked by something and miss, just jump over them. Not only does it get you Pacifist, but it also keeps your HP.


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