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Cat God vs Sun King 2: Walkthrough Guide

Cat God vs Sun King 2: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Cat God vs Sun King 2
Cat God
Health - Increase your starting health to 10 / 15 / 20 points. Price: 175 / 750 / 2000
Arrows - Reduces arrow speed and Archer firing rate. Price: 175 / 750 / 2000
Recharge - Recharge your Divine Pillar of Flames in 6 / 5 / 4 seconds. Price: 175 / 750 / 2000
Combos - 1 / 2 / 3 additional Coins per combo kill. Price: 175 / 750 / 2000
Scarabs - Increase the spawn rate and coin bonus of Scarabs. Price: 175 / 750 / 2000
Powers - Triggers a Scarab Power with 4 / 3 / 2 Scarabs. Price: 175 / 750 / 2000
Sandworm - Scarab Power: Summon a large sandworm to devour your enemies. Price: 200 / 800 / 2500
Locusts - Scarab Power: Each swarm eats up to three enemies. Price: 200 / 800 / 2500
Meteor - Scarab Power: Meteor now damages the building as it falls. Price: 200 / 800 / 2000
Firewall - Scarab Power: Increase duration to 4 / 5 / 6 seconds. Price: 200 / 800 / 2500
Mummies - Scarab Power: Createa total of 6 / 8 / 10 Mummies. Price: 200 / 800 / 2500
Ankh - Triggers on death: Restores 3 HP and teleports enemies away. Useable Once per game. Price: 1500

Sun King
Health - Increase Sun Emperor's starting Health to 4 / 5 / 6. Price: 175 / 750 / 2000
Offense - Increase the speed of the Sun Emperor's fireballs. Price: 175 / 750 / 2000
Defense - Increases the Sun Emperor's movement speed. Price: 175 / 750 / 2000

List of Enemy Codex in Cat God vs Sun King 2
Slave - The most common (and weakest) minion of the Sun King. Their bald heads allow for greater thermoregulation in the desert heat. They are decent builders, mostly due to their sheer numbers.
Soldier - With fireballs raining down constantly from the skies, they are the only ones smart enough to put a shield over their heads. But that does not protect them much.
Archer - Armed with a bow and seemingly limitless supply of arrows, these guys can take pot shots at the Cat God from a distance. Best to take them out early.
Priest - Selfless protectors of their fellow minions. Creates a cute little protective bubble around a random ally, which can take exactly one hit before disintegrating. Their robes are made of silky satin.
Artisan - Unlike the amateur slaves running around the place, these guys are trained in architecture and civil engineering. Builds three times faster than anyone else. Kill them quickly.
Priestess - Her special ability only triggers when you kill her and make her stronger than you can imagine Okay, not really. When she dies, she splits into two Ghosts.
Ghost - Half of a dead Priestess doomed to wander the temples of the Sun King until killed. On the other hand, they are immune to Locusts and Sandworms.
Jackal - Unlike all the other minions, this guy just stands still, and occasionally teleports to a random ally. When he teleports, he shoots a single arrow at Cat God. What a Jerk.
Flyer - Dreams of being a seagull, soaring high in the sky. Moves faster when ignited suicidally charging towards the Cat God. His erratic fly patterns make him a little harder to hit.
Sun King - The big man. The head honcho. Mister numero uno. The once and future king, etc, etc. Able to take multiple hits, with a chance of hurling fireballs back at the Cat God when struck.

Recommended Build for Cat God vs Sun King 2
Cat God
1. Combos
2. Recharge
3. Scarabs
4. Powers
5. Health
6. Arrows
7. Firewall
8. Sandworm
9. Locusts
10. Mummies
11. Meteor
12. Repeat!
13. Buy Ankh when you have extra money.

For Sun King battles: Aim and use the fireball to hit Scarabs to trigger power or, if you have bad aiming, use Divine Pillar of Flames to gather Scarabs. Next, remember to target the Sun King or other stronger minions to win. Stronger minion such as jackals or Sun King can launch projectiles like arrows and fireballs, always get rid of them as soon as possible. Don't wait until it's too late, health over money! It's advisable to upgrade non-power based things first. Why? Because you'll use a power is only going to come up maybe once or twice a game, but that's unlikely - on average you'll use powers less than once in the beginning. As you start getting more money, upgrade Scarabs/Power, and it becomes more worthwhile and cheap compared to the other upgrades!.

Sun King
1. Offense
2. Defense
3. Health
4. Repeat!

For God Cat battle: Dodge any incoming attacks to your best of your ability. The Cat God is very predictable. At any given point of time, if your minions or your fireball hits the God Cat, it triggers Firewall. During this period, run to the edge and pray for Scarabs. Once Firewall is finished, aim God Cat again with your fireball. It's a cycle if you notice.


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