Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Which?: Walkthrough Guide

Which?: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Which?
1) Which Soft? - Pick up and drop both circles. One will smoosh/ flatten as it lands.
2) Which Switch? - Click on both circles. The one that turns off the light is the correct one.
3) Which Heavier? - Drop both circles. Each will shake the screen, but one will shake it more than the other.
4) Which Painted? - Drag the cursor in each circle. One will leave a streak of paint.
5) Which Cleanness? - Pick up each circle. One will be colored; the other will be clear. Pick the clear ball.
6) Which Soft (2)? - Click each circle. One will look like you're pushing into it. That is the correct ball.
7) Which Rough? - Click and drag your cursor over each circle. One will drag slower than the other.
8) Which Thin? - Click on either the left or right side of the circles to see how thick each one is.
9) Which Lucky? - Click and drag over each circle to clear away the color. Choose the circle with the star.
10) Which Light? - Click and drag the roof/area above the circle upwards. The lighter circle rises faster.

11) Which Cutting? - Click and drag the right area of each circle. One should have a removable section.
12) Which Ice? - Click and drag each circle. Then let go. One will keep sliding after you let go.
13) Which Rotation? - Click and hold each circle. One will move the cursor around.
14) Which Ball? - Click and drag your cursor on each circle. The view of your cursor should move like its moving around a ball for the correct one.
15) Which Sticky? - Try to click and drag your cursor on each ball. One shouldn't move your cursor when you do this.
16) Which Heavier (2)? - Click and drag each circle upwards. One should stay in place when holding it; the other should slide out of the cursor.
17) Which Luck (2)? - Click and drag any edge of the circle over itself. It should peel away, and one should have a star under it.
18) Which Old? - Pick up each circle. The one that's brighter is the older one.
19) Which Bigger? - Click each circle to make them smaller. Keep clicking them until they resize themselves. One will resize much bigger than the other.
20) Which Living? - Click and hold one each circle. The mouse will pulse to the heartbeat of the live one.


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