Thursday, February 21, 2013

Psychic Arrow: Walkthrough Guide

Psychic Arrow: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Psychic Arrow
Hero's Power - Increases the initial launch power and speed of the arrow.
Spirit Speed - Increases the arrow's normal speed.
Spirit Boost - Increases booster speed when clicking.
Spirit Control - Increases your control over the arrow while in flight.
Energy Limit - Increases your maximum energy limit for a longer flight.
Orb Booster Limit - Increases your maximum booster energy.
Glass Orb Detection - You can detect more glass orbs. (Restores booster fuel)
Barrel Launchers - Higher appearance of barrels. (Boosts arrow for extra flight).
Soul Absorption - Quality of souls increase. Souls are now worth more.
Soul Detection - Higher amount of souls appear.
Pirate Appearance Bonus - Greater chance of appearing pirates. (When eliminated they offer soul bonuses)

Recommended Build on Psychic Arrow
1. Soul Detection
2. Soul Absorption
3. Pirate Appearance
4. Hero's Power
5. Spirit Speed
6. Spirit Control
7. Spirit Boost
8. Energy Limit
9. Orb Booster Limit
10. Glass Orb Detection
11. Barrel Launchers
12. Repeat! :)

In this build, I focus on collecting souls first. Soul Detection, Soul Absorption, and Pirate Appearance are good ways to increase your souls quickly. Once you have the purchasing power, go ahead and get all other upgrades you need to clear the game. In my opinion, I find this build effective if you are trying to clear Psychic Arrow in the shortest amount of time.


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