Tuesday, February 12, 2013

400 Years: Walkthrough Guide

400 Years: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on 400 Years
- Stand up and head to the right. Don't be afraid of water... stone can't breathe, so just walk right through it!
- When you encounter the second pond with no slope to climb out the other side on, press and hold [spacebar] to advance time to winter so it freezes over.
- Continue heading right.
- Climb the first tree at the cliff.
- On top of the ledge, press and hold [spacebar] to advance time to wait for the second tree to grow large enough to climb... about ten years!
- Once you've climbed, advance the time to fall.
- Head to the right and press [E] to pick up one of the chestnuts. Be careful not to advance time while carrying it since it will crumble to dust! (Don't worry, you can always advance to fall again and pick up another if this happens.)
- Continue to the right until you hit a wall, and press [E] again while standing close to it to plant the chestnut.
- Advance time until the newly planted tree is tall enough to climb. (Around ten to thirteen years or so.)
- Climb the tree, and once atop the cliff, advance the time to winter.
- Head to the right, crossing over the frozen water and continue.
- When you get to the cliff, just step off. Don't be scared; you're very sturdy.
- Making sure the season is still set to winter, continue to the right past the village and cross the frozen water.
- On the other side of the water, advance the time to fall.
- Press [E] while standing in it to pick some of the grain you find growing there. Once again, don't advance time or the grain will crumble to dust and you'll have to come back for more.
- Head to the left back towards the village and fall into the water you had just crossed.
- Walk along under the water to the left, through the tunnel, until you reach a tree.
- Climb the tree and head to the right until you fall back to the village.
- Press [E] when prompted to plant the grain, right at the spot you fell in.
- Head to the right and stand beside the water.
- Advance time for... a long time. Over the span of several decades, you will notice the village begin to improve, and eventually they will start building a bridge.
- When the bridge is completed (you can stop advancing time whenever you like to check on its progress) head to the right and cross it.

- Where you originally found the grain, you should now find a new settlement of villagers.
- Keep heading to the right until you encounter a small pond of water. If there is no bridge across it yet, advance time more years until the villagers build a bridge that gap as well.
- Proceed to the right until you encounter another big body of water.
- Advance time while standing on the shore until it is winter and the water has frozen over.
- Head across the water while it's iced over, but stop roughly in the middle of the lake and advance time so the ice melts.
- If done correctly, you should fall through the ice and down a long, long tunnel underwater. If you missed, just climb out and try again.
- Walk all the way to the right, climbing the slope, until you reach a wall with stalactites and stalagmites growing from the ceiling and floor.
- Once more, advance time until the stalactites has grown up from the ground enough for you to climb over the wall. This will take a LONG TIME, easily over 70 years, so be patient.
- Climb over the wall and proceed to the right down into the water.
- Advance time to summer and continue walking through the water to the right. Eventually, you should encounter a net dangling from the surface. Use this to climb to land. (The boat only both has its net down and is close to the left side of the screen where you want it in the summer.)
- Head to the left through the village until you encounter a wall.
- Advance time once more until the tree there grows tall enough to climb... don't worry if you can't see it right away, it's there.
- At the top of the wall once you can climb, advance time to fall.
- Pick up one of the chestnuts lying on the ground.
- Head back to the right.
- Keep walking right until you fall into the water you climbed out of it.
- The boat should now be parked on the right side of the shore opposite the village. Use its net to climb up and out.
- Walk up to the wall and plant your chestnut against it.
- Once more, advance time until your newly planted tree is tall enough to climb.
- Climb the tree and continue walking to the right.
- At the top of the tall, sooty mountain, you should find a hole. Climb all the way down it.
- When prompted, press [E] to block the lava, and then advance time to see the results.


  1. The ship doesn't work for me: I pick up the chestnut, walk into the water, but when I advance the time to fall, when the ship moves to the right, my chestnut crumbles... What am I doing wrong?

    1. Let the ship move to the right THEN get the chestnut.

    2. Its at the right in Autumn. Wait till Autumn, then pick up the chestnut and continue

  2. Secret spot: Grab another chestnut and walk past the volcano. Plant to climb the cliff.

    1. Yep. Found a tombstone of an unknown traveler. I went back to the volcano, let time expire instead of jumping in and the world caught on fire. Any other results besides that and the airplane in 2013 flying over?

  3. I don't know what the tombstone really means. Maybe it means the character from a alternate reality where the calamity did happen. Remember it did say who's name is unknown and we don't know the characters name. Probably a little too deep. :(