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Enola: Prelude: Walkthrough Guide

Enola: Prelude: Walkthrough Guide

List of Special Attack on Enola: Prelude
Dragon Attack - A basic magic attack that deals moderate damage to a single target.
Rage - A heavy physical attack that deals good damage to a single target.
Hell Thorn - This magic attack causes thorny roots to entwine all enemies, dealing moderate damage to multiple targets. 50% chance of poisoning.
Powerslice - A strong magic attack that deals good damage to a single target. 50% chance of shattering armor, effective when combined with other attacks.
Ice Storm - A strong magic attack that deals great damage to all enemies.
Ramei - A powerful magic attack that deals huge damage to a single target. 50% chance of causing slow.
Landslide - Deals great damage to multiple targets.
Pheonix Strike - A super effective magic attack that deals massive damage to all enemies. The most powerful attack and 50% chance of shattering armor.

List of White Magic on Enola: Prelude
Heal - Standard healing spell, restores 1000 HP.
Restore Mana - This regenerative magic spell will restore your Mana by 5000 MP.
Cure Poison - This soothing spell will cure you of poison.
Regen - Slowly heals you over time.
Large Heal - Strong healing spell, restores 5000 HP.
Frenzy - Sends you into a frenzy, boosting strength and allowing you to deal greater damage.
Fix equipment - Fixes any shattered weapon or shattered armor ailments.
Esuana - This miracle spells cures poison, and fixes any shattered weapon or armor.

List of Ailments on Enola: Prelude
Poison - Poison slowly hurts you over time. Use cure poison to remove it.
Note: Some Weapons are resistant to poison. Equip to avoid getting poisoned.
Shattered Armor - Shattered Armor reduces your defense against attacks. Use fix equipment to restore your armor.
Note: Some weapons are resistant to shattered armor.
Shattered Weapon - Shattered weapon reduces the damage you damage you deal with attacks. Use fix equipment to restore your weapon.
Note: Some weapons are resistant to shattered weapon.
Regen - Regen slowly heals you over time. Use it to plan ahead and get the upper hand.
Frenzy - Frenzy boosts your strength and allows you to deal higher damage with all attacks.
Slow - Slow reduces the speed of the victims timer, allowing them to attack less frequently.
Note: Some weapons are resistant to slow.

List of Weapons on Enola: Prelude
Heavy Steel Weapon - Damage: 1.2, Speed: 0.46
Dragon Slayer - Damage: 1.05, Speed: 0.6
Twister Steel - Damage: 1.3, Speed: 0.5
Light Copper Sword - Damage: 0.65, Speed: 1.05
Heavy Coppr Sword - Damage: 1.5, Speed: 0.5
Heavy Gold Sword - Damage: 1.6, Speed: 0.51
Goliath Sword - Damage: 1.6, Speed: 0.51
Tombstone - Damage: 2, Speed: 0.47
Crystal Mace - Damage: 1.58, Speed: 0.55
Epholux - Damage: 1.62, Speed: 0.55
Enchanted Blade - Damage: 1.7, Speed: 0.6
Grave Digger - Damage: 1.82, Speed: 0.55
Golden Scimitar - Damage: 1.8, Speed: 0.65
Dream Slayer - Damage: 2.1, Speed: 0.55
Cursed Blade - Damage: 2.4, Speed: 0.47
Pariah Wing - Damage: 2.5, Speed: 0.6
Nightmare Sword - Damage: 2.8, Speed: 0.55

Walkthrough Guide on Enola: Prelude
This game is extremely easy just by using the fastest sword, light copper sword. You can gather the materials easily in the beginning. Since it has nearly double the speed of everything else, allows you to spam spells and kill everything much faster than any amount of base damage could accommodate. And you have the extra turns to use Mana Regen at will without remotely crimping your style. Go into a defensive stance and use Hellthornuntil all your enemies are poisoned. Just use healing on yourself when your HP gets low and attack with Hellthornor any other magic attack. Use Mana Regen when your Mana is little. Once you hit the final boss, the best spell combination is Ramei and Hellthorn. Slow and Poison is the easiest way to the final boss. Or, you can try using frenzy and rage. This two spells combined are killer spells to any single targeted enemy.


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