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Ubooly & Friends: Walkthrough Guide

Ubooly & Friends: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Ubooly & Friends
Items are relatively easy to find; they will pulse when you hover your mouse over them. From the first screen pick up the lemon, lollipop, wooden racquet and two scoops of ice-cream from the bowl in the centre. Get a stone triangle from the bottom right corner of the hut. Go right one screen and you'll find another stone triangle to the right of the statue's eye. Go right to the next screen and you'll see a gold key on the desk and a rusty nail sticking out of the bow of the ship. Grab them as well as the stone triangle on the top of the globe. Now go up one screen. Nab the Tiki figurine, feather from the parrot's hat and the palm fan bottom right corner. Don't forget the stone triangle on the sail and then go left.

By this stage, you will notice the stone triangle in the ear of our stony friend. Nab it as well as the red paintbrush, stone antenna top of the statue and second Tiki figurine and continue left. Snatch the banana and cookie. Just don't miss the stone triangle under the second step from the top and pick up the orange crayon and third Tiki figurine too. Now head upwards. The wise Platypus will help us if we get stuck. Good to know. Swipe the stone triangle from above his window and head right.Grab the stone triangle from the head dude and the chili pepper from my mouth! Grab the snail and go right one screen. Final screen! Click on the ginger ale and coffee mug. Now grab the last stone triangle from the chair at the end of the pillow and let's start finding those friends.

I am slender tanned and tall; my green mane's a sight for all! If my jewellery only shone with equal splendour all day long. Notice the picture? If you aren't there already, head to the top right area with the coconut tree. Well, that tree is tall and slender. The leaves make a green mane. But what's missing? Look at the picture in the clue. Red earrings and an orange necklace... Paint the two outer coconuts red with the red paintbrush and the necklace orange with the crayon! Voila!

The clue mentions Pirate Parrots; I think we should go down to the middle right screen. Notice the symbols on their hats? Either trial and error or logical deduction will help here. Just follow the clues to change each Parrot's hat. From left to right the symbols on the Parrot's hats should be a hook, saw, mirror and peg leg.

I guard your treasure with a grin! Head down one screen, so you're at the bottom right. That treasure chest is awful smily. Well, it has a keyhole. Odd, the key does nothing. Time to decipher our clue. A Donut with 4 crossed out, a Brick with 1 crossed out and R=T, a Lemon with 4 = Y and a Rose with 1 crossed out. Numbers indicate a letter in the word, therefore, Donut with the 4 crossed out means Don't. Remove the letter U. What happens if we apply this to the rest of the clue? It translates to {Don't Tickle My Nose}. Yeah right, like I ever do what I'm told. I have a feather, and I guess your keyhole is a nose.

Check out that clue. When we're here, we look like that, and when we're here we look like that. But those circles look the same... What changes to look like it's surroundings? Head up to the top right screen with our coconut amigo. Look at those chameleons, despite their best efforts, we can still see them. But there are only two of them. The third line of the clue mentioned licking something yellow. Wait... what?? Oh right... Ice cream! Obviously. Two scoops for two hungry reptiles. Put some frozen ice cream in the bowl between our scaly friends. Sweet!

Coloured thoughts inside my head. Yellow, Green and Blue and Red. Tastes like a mighty fine picture puzzle to me! Shimmy over to the middle screen with the Foxxy statue. OK, maybe it's a Kitty statue. Stop splitting hairs and take a gander at that 4x4 square grid. It's yellow, like the first part of our clue and the picture in the clue looks like a star. Click to rotate the squares until they line up to make a picture of a star. Now the grid is green. Arrange the 4x4 grid to match the pictures in the clue, a pyramid, a crescent moon and a love heart. The colour will change each time you get the right combination.

Confounded! Where'd my audience go? All three of my friends must see my show! Well... who have we seen that looks like a bit of attention who - I mean, entertainer. Go up to the top middle screen. It looks like that Tiki figurine wants some friends to watch it juggle. Luckily we have such friends. The second part of the clue says they need an unhindered view. Well, I don't think they're that enthused by juggling but who am I to argue? Place the three Tiki figurines we collected onto the three plinths in front the turtle. Make sure all of the cans see, though! Put the medium sized figurine with its eyes on top at the back, the tall one with the eyes on the bottom in the middle and the titchy little one right in front.

Tiko Tiko
For a bigger fully-grown Tiki, getting fed is pretty tricky! So slice me some apples! They're always a treat. 9 times 3 is the number you need. Fully-grown Tiki? I think I saw on of them in the bottom middle screen. But I never saw any apples... Oh, I get it. The triangles in the middle are like a square apple. Hey, wait a minute, 9 times 3? Triangles have three sides. You figured it out already. The nine stone triangles we collected earlier make the same apple shape as on the Tiki's tummy. Drag and down it.

On this island there stands a home- wait four legs and a dome??? Who has four legs and a dome and perhaps takes their home everywhere with them? Shoot up to the top middle screen and visit our Turtley Awesome chum. He has four legs and a dome but where is this keyhole that's so hard to see? Duh... it's hard to see. Do a squinting face and peer intently at the markings on the Tortoise Shell. Notice a keyhole shape just up and left from the eye? Drag the golden key we found over to the keyhole.

Parr Harr
Pirate S_ail Song? Maybe the missing letter is N. Pirate Snails? Head down to the slowest ship on the sevens seas!!! Bottom right screen. Five snails and five names... but how do we know which snail is named what? Take a squiz at the shells. I can make out two Ps, a J, a D and a G. Two P's though? Ah, one's a girl snail and one's a boy snail... Click the snails in order of their names. Peter is second from the right, Gina is leftmost, Daniel is on the far right, Peggy is at the top, and Johnson is second from the left.

We want tasty, yummy yummies. Food for our hungry tummies. Don't we all my friend? Notice the little sketch in the clue? I've seen those critters around the place before. Head to the bottom middle screen. Well, we have empty tummies characters but what food to give them? Use their appearance as a clue and check your inventory to see what might fit. Put the banana in the monkey's tummy, the lollipop in the swirly tongued one's tummy and the coffee mug in the over-caffeinated looking dude's tummy. Now head up one screen. Why the sour face? It looks like this guy's been sucking on lemons. Head up one more screen to the top middle. It seems our friend here is missing some teeth, I guess that rock hard cookie was a bad idea. Shift to the right now and check out our last hungry customer. Now that's a face I recognize and feed it the chili pepper.

Make some noise! I love me some percussion man! It looks like all the crabby drummers around here need something to beat their bongos with. Luckily, we have just what they need. Hand out the stone antenna, wooden racquet and palm fan to the three crabs in the bottom middle and lower left screens!

Tail Kail
Put a yell__ sn___ with a _u_ty n___
in it's gin__r al_ on a big red s___!

Maybe we should check our inventory to see what this might mean: Put a yellow snail with a rusty nail in its ginger ale on a big red sail! Go to the middle right screen and put the yellow snail with a ginger ale and rusty nail. It looks like we have found all of Ubooly's friends.

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