Saturday, December 29, 2012

Farm of Souls Walkthrough Guide

Farm of Souls

List of Upgrades on Farm of Souls
Speed - Worker speed.
Life - Worker longevity, 1.5 seconds per point.
Sight - Range to spot resources, 1/4 tile per point.
Land - Tiles of land owned. Can't be sold.

List of Characters on Farm of Souls
Basic Person - 1x anything. Lv1

Scavenger - 1x anything. Lv 2
Farmer - 2x dirt and wood. Lv 6
Logger - 4x wood. Lv10

Miner - 1x all but wood and dirt. Resource upgraded. Lv4
Prospector - 2x stone and iron. Lv8
Smith - 3x iron. Lv12

Servant - 1x iron, silver, gold. Lv4
Investor - 1x iron, silver, gold. Resource upgraded. Lv7
Royal - 3x gold. Lv14

Peasant - 2x dirt, wood, clay. Lv3
Worker - 2x anything but silver, gold. Lv7
Engineer - 2x anything. Lv11

Scholar - 1x all but dirt. Lv5
Mage - 1x anything. Resource upgraded. Lv10
Wizard - 2x anything. Resource upgraded. Lv15

List of Buildings on Farm of Souls
1. Well - Makes resources worth 1% more.
2. Outhouse - Makes resources worth 2% more.
3. Store - Makes resources worth 3% more.
4. Skyscraper - Make resources worth 5% more.

1. Ditch - Slightly increases resources spawn rate.
2. Canal - Increases resource spawn rate.
3. Mill - Greatly increases resource spawn rate.
4. Mine - Hugely increases resource spawn rate.

1. Crops - Raises population limit by 5.
2. Orchard - Raises population limit by 10.
3. Farm - Raises population limit by 15.
4. Tree of Life - Raises population limit by 25.

1. Stash - Build simple things.
2. Crate - Builds basic buildings.
3. Storage - Builds most buildings.
4. Warehouse - Build everything.

1. Cottage - Spawns 1 person every in-game day.
2. House - Spawns 2 person every in-game day.
3. Large House - Spawns 3 person every in-game day.
4. Apartment - Spawns 5 people every in-game day.

1. Stone Tablet - Cause people to class-up slightly more often.
2. Library - Causes people to class-up a little more often.
3. School - Causes people to class-up more often.
4. University - Cause people to class-up a lot more often.

1. Garden - People stop here to take a long break. +1 Xp/5seconds
2. Park - People stop here to take a medium break. +1 Xp/3seconds
3. Zoo - People stop here to take a medium break. +1 Xp/2seconds
4. Theatre - People stop here to take a very short break. +1 XP/second

1. Statue - +1 soul per 100 levels.
2. Church - +2 soul per 100 levels.
3. Temple - +3 soul per 100 levels.
4. Cathredal - +5 souls per l00 levels.

List of Achievements on Farm of Souls
Dirt Farmer - Gather 100 dirt. Unlocks Scavenger.
Got Wood? - Gather 100 wood. Unlocks Farmer.
Why Are We Gathering This, Again? - Gather 1000 dirt. Unlocks Lumberjack.
The Clay Is Alive - Gather 100 Clay. Unlock Miner.
Gorgon - Gather 100 stone. Unlocks Prospector.
Iron Will - Gather 1,000 Iron. Unlock Blacksmith.
It's Siveran not Silveran - Gather 100 silver. Unlocks Servant.
All You Touched Turned Into Gold - Gather 100 gold. Unlock Investor.
Ooh, Shiny - Gather 1000 combined silver and gold. Unlock Royal.
I Can't Eat This - Gather one resource. Unlocks Peasant.
No Rest For Our Souls - Harvest 100 souls. Unlocks Worker.
Epic - Get a person to level 20. Unlocks Engineer.
Upgraded - Have 100 combined stats. Unlocks Scholar.
Forkbomb - Have 100 people at one time. Unlocks Apprentice.
Grim Keeper - Store 10,000 souls at once. Unlocks Wizard.
Why Would You Do This - Play for one in-game week. Unlocks Zoo.
The Moon Didn't Move - Play for one in-game month. Unlocks Theatre.
Dirty Hands - Gather 2,500 dirt. Unlocks Mill.
Size Enhancement - Have 100 land. Unlocks Mine.
Soul Farmer - Harvest 10,000 souls. Unlock Temple.
Dying Has a Burning Sensation - 10,000 souls burned on stats. Unlocks Cathedral.
Electrum - Gather 100 combined gold and silver. Unlock Store.
All the Better to See You With - 100 sight. Unlocks Skyscraper.
Paper - Gather 1,000 wood. Unlocks School.
Technology - Build 100 buildings. Unlocks University.
Phoenix - Reincarnate 1,000 people. Unlocks Large House.
Idle Game - 1,000 people spawned from houses. Unlock Apartment.
Gotta Build Em All - Build 20 buildings. Unlocks Farm.
Limit Breaker - 100 Speed. Unlocks Life Tree.
Rome Wasn't Built in a Day - Build 10 buildings. Unlocks Storage.
Metropolis - Build 50 buildings. Unlocks Warehouse.

Walkthrough Guide on Farm of Souls
For the newbies playing this game, you don't have to do anything but click space to summon people. The people will automatically do all the work. When they die, the green bar is life. You gain a soul to summon another person again. Upgrade the stats, speed, life, sight and land to further help the people improve the land. Speed affects how fast they build. Life affects how long they live. Sight affects how far they can see to detect items. Land affects how many blocks on the screen that can be searched for materials and built on. There is no one way to win this game, it how you experiment it to "win" the game.

First of all, place your workers until you are at population max. Wait for them work and die. Now max cap the people and this time, spend the leftover souls on upgrades you think are appropriate. It's hard to decide which upgrade you should up. So this is going to be a simple and brief guide on choosing your upgrades. If people are wandering in the middle, give them more sight. If the game is going slow for you, upgrade speed. And yes, life up is not a good thing in the early phase but highly useful in the later part. The odd flowers and trees make resources spawn much faster, and are automatically built when your guys build up enough resources. It'll make more sense when the other buildings are put in. They'll make a small town but won't venture out and become happy until you upgrade their sight. Sight does not suck for an upgrade, don't be fooled. By the time somewhere between 450 and 500 life, the buildings start spawning people faster than they die. At around 350 speed, you can see your people running at the speed of light. If you come to this point, you can stop adding life and speed. Your game went autopilot itself. You can now concentrate and focus on other upgrades especially land. An easy way to make souls is to place as many people as you can near resources.


  1. Great idle game. I got all upgraded 1000 times and unlocked all achievements in 3 hours.