Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Blocky Christmas: Walkthrough Guide

A Blocky Christmas: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on A Blocky Christmas
Level 1

Level 2
Down9, Up5, Left6

Level 3
Up5, Down9, Left3, Down1, Right3, Up3, Left3, Right3, Down3

Level 4
Left1, Down1, Left2, Down2, Left2, Down3, Right2, Up1, Right2, Down2, Right2, Down2, Right2, Down1, Right2, Up2, Left2, Down1, Left2, Down1, Left1

Level 5
Up1, Right3, Up3, Left3, Down6, Right6, Up1, Left1, Down1, Right5, Up3, Left3, Up3, Left6, Down1, Left1, Down7, Right4

Level 6
Down4, Right4, Left1, Down3, Left5, Right1, Up5, Right6, Down1, Left9, Down2, Right4, Down5,

Level 7
Up5, Right2, Down1, Right2, Up1, Right2, Down9, Left6

Level 8
Up2, Left4, Down8, Right2, Up2, Right1, Down2, Right5, Up1, Left5, Down1, Right5, Up3, Left4, Down2, Right1, Up4, Left3, Down1, Left1, Right3, Down2

Level 9
Right2, Down5, Up7, Left3, Down2, Left4, Up2, Right10, Down1, Left3, Up1, Right1, Down2, Right1, Up2, Left5, Down1, Left1, Down1, Right3, Up2, Left2, Down1, Left2, Down6

Level 10
Down3, Left2, Down1, Right5, Up3, Left2, Down1, Right2, Up4, Left3, Down1, Left2, Right2, Down3,

Level 11
Left4, Down5, Right7, Up2, Left1, Down1, Right2, Up1, Left2, Down1, Right2, Up2, Left3, Down1, Right3, Up4, Left3, Down1, Right1, Down1, Right1, Up3, Left5, Down1, Left2, Down5, Right4

Level 12
Up2, Right6, Up2, Right5, Down1, Left4, Up2, Down9, Up6, Left2, Right1, Down7, Up7, Left8, Up1, Right1, Left1, Down1, Right8, Up2, Right5, Down1, Left4, Up2, Down3, Left7, Up2, Right2, Down1, Left2, Down6

Level 13
Down4, Right11, Down5, Up6, Left1, Up1, Right2, Down2, Left6, Up2, Left2, Down1, Right4, Up1, Left2, Down2, Left5, Down1, Right1, Left2, Up1, Right5, Down5, Up6, Right2, Up1, Left2, Down2, Left7, Down1, Right1, Left1, Right2, Down1, Left2, Up5, Right3, Down1, Left2, Down6, Right1

Level 14
Down7, Right1, Up2, Left3, Down1, Left2, Up1, Right4, Down1, Left2, Down1, Left1, Up3, Right7, Down3, Left1, Up1, Left4, Right1, Down1, Right3, Up3, Left3, Down1, Right4, Down1, Left5, Up1, Left2, Down1, Up2, Right5, Down1

Level 15
Left1, Up3, Down1, Right2, Down6, Left1, Down1, Right2, Up3, Left3, Right1, Down4, Right4, Up1, Left2, Up8, Left3, Down2, Right4, Up3, Left3, Right2, Down2, Left1, Down4, Right1, Down2, Left2, Down1, Left1, Up1, Right4, Down2, Right1, Left2, Up2, Left3, Right1, Down1, Left1, Right1,

Level 16
Down5, Right3, Down1, Left6, Up2, Left1, Down1, Right7, Down2, Left3, Up4, Down3, Left3, Up3, Right1, Down2, Left2, Up1, Right2, Down1, Left2, Up2, Right2, Down2, Right3, Up2, Right1, Down1, Left7, Up5, Right4, Down4, Left1, Up5, Right3, Down1, Right3, Left3, Down5, Left1


  1. 13 is messed up

    1. Thank you for spotting my mistakes! I have updated the post.

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    1. Ya, it took me a while to figure out. Hahaha!