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Unagi 16: Walkthrough Guide

Unagi 16: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Unagi 16
Level 1
- Each column has three cells, and each cell is part of a number. Clicking on a cell brings up part of that number.
- The top row of cells is the top of the numbers, you don't need to click on them.
- The middle row of cells should be the middle of the numbers, click each one once.
- The bottom row of cells is the bottom of the numbers. Click each cell in this row twice.
- Once the numbers are assembled, you can see the code: 5417.

Level 2
- Click on each eyepatch. Underneath you will see either another eye or an "X" indicating a missing eye.
- Note the little logo above the pirates, the eye with the x2 in it.
- You simply need to multiply the number of eyes a pirate has by 2.
- The first pirate has 1 eye, so multiply that by 2 to get 2.
- The second pirate has two eyes, so multiply that by 2 to get 4.
- The third pirate has two eyes, so multiply that by 2 to get 4.
- The fourth pirate has 1 eye, so multiply that by 2 to get 2.
- The solution is 2442.

Level 3
- This is a progression puzzle. Click the first light and it will turn yellow and show the number 8.
- Click until you find the second in the sequence that will allow both lights to stay on. In this case, it's the third bulb, which shows a 9.
- Then click the second bulb, which is a 6.
- Then the last bulb, which is a 5.
- The order of the numbers is the order you clicked, so the code is 8965.

Level 4
- Click on the wheel to spin it. Watch the open box on the wheel closely, and try to find the numbers that correspond to the cardinal points on the symbol to the right.
- The symbol to the right has numbers at different positions, the 1 at the bottom, the 2 on the left, the 3 at the top, and the 4 to the right.
- The number you see when the box is at the bottom (1) is 6.
- The number you see when the box is to the left (the 9 o'clock position) is 2. This corresponds to the number 2 on the symbol.
- The number you see when the box is at the top is 3, which corresponds to the 3 on the symbol.
- The number you see when the box is on the right (3 o'clock) position is 7.
- Therefore, the code is 6237.

Level 5
- Ring each bell and see how many clicks it takes to make the bell fall off.
- The number of rings it takes to make the bell fall is the clue. The first bell takes 2 clicks, the second takes 3, the third takes 1, and the fourth takes 4.
- Therefore, the solution is 2314.

Level 6
- In each row of little faces, look for the one that is winking, i.e. blinking just one eye.
- When you identify that one, click on it to see the number underneath.
- In the first column, it's the middle creature, which shows a 7.
- In the second column, it's the top creature, which reveals a 3.
- In the third column, it's the bottom creature, which reveals a 1.
- In the last column, it's the middle creature, which reveals a 5.
- Therefore, the answer is 7315.

level 7
- Click on the first suitcase, the name of a city will appear (Prague).
- Drag the suitcase to the left, then click on the blank suitcase left behind. Another city will appear (Amsterdam).
- Drag Amsterdam to the left, then clicks on the blank suitcase. Another city name will appear (Rome).
- Click and drag Rome just to the right of the blank suitcase, then click on the blank suitcase to see the last city (London).
- Drag London to the far right.
- The suitcases should be in the order they appeared, from left to right: Prague, Amsterdam, Rome, then London.
- The numbers you are looking for are the number of letters in each city name. Prague = 6, Amsterdam = 9, Rome = 4, and London = 6.
- Therefore, the code is 6946.

Level 8
- Match two pieces together, one from the left batch, one from the right, to make a complete number.
- Match the pieces from the upper left of both groups to get an 8.
- Match the pieces from the upper right to get a 7.
- The two lower left pieces make a 0.
- The lower right pieces make a 4.
- Now four grids will appear, each with one section highlighted in red.
- The first grid highlights the upper left square, the second the upper right, the third the lower right, and the fourth the lower left.
- That would make the code 8740.

Level 9
- Click on the small protruding things above and below each target. Each one will mimic one of the targets.
- Count how many of each pattern appears. There are 2 of the first one, 3 of the second, 2 of the third, and 1 of the fourth.
- Therefore, the code is 2321.

Level 10
- Watch closely to see the order the cars arrive.
- Then click on each car to send them away, they reveal an 8, a 3, a 1, and a 7.
- The upper right car, the one concealing the 8, arrived first.
- Then came the car in the lower right, the one that hid the 7.
- Then came the car in the lower left, the one hiding the 1.
- Last came the car in the upper right, the one concealing the 3.
- Therefore, the code is 8713.

Level 11
- When you click on a headband, the color will stop flashing and stay one color; then the octopus will fly away and reveal part of code.
- The first octopus will turn yellow, then reveal R = 8.
- The second octopus turns blue and reveals that G = 6.
- The third octopus turns green and shows B = 9.
- The fourth octopus turns red and shows Y = 7.
- The colors were yellow, blue, green, and red, which makes the code 7968.

Level 12
- Click rapidly to make the ball roll to the right, fast enough to jump the areas where spikes will shoot up.
- Note the number of spikes in each area and the ball jumps, 3 spikes, 5 spikes, 4 spikes, and 6 spikes.
- Therefore, the code is 3546.

Level 13
- Compare the two charts, the left one with the symbols and the right one with the numbers.
- Note each row and column adds up to the same thing, and the squares with the number 6 correspond to the squares with the square shapes.
- It's all simple math from here. On the bottom row, 6 + 6 = 12, so the blank space must be a 7 to make the row add up to 19.
- That means the circle symbol = 7. Put 7s in the number chart in the boxes that correspond to the ones on the left with circles.
- In the top row, 6 + 7 = 13, so the empty square must be 5, which corresponds to the triangle. Put a 5 in each square that corresponds to a triangle.
- That leaves one empty square that corresponds to the asterisk. Simple math will show that it needs the number 8. Place the number 8 in the empty square.
- Once the number grid is complete, a chain of symbols will appear in the upper right, triangle, square, circle, asterisk.
- That makes the code 5678.

Level 14
- Look closely at each cluster of four aliens. Each cluster has the same eye color, but in each cluster of 4 one alien stands out for a slightly different eye.
- In the first cluster (red), the odd one is in the upper left. Click on it to reveal the number 0.
- The second cluster (green eyes), the odd one is the lower right. Click it to reveal the number 7.
- In the third cluster (blue eyes), the odd one is the lower left, click it to see the number 6.
- In the fourth cluster (yellow eyes), the odd one is the upper right. Click it to see the number 5.
- Now colored dots will appear in the upper right, green, red, yellow, and blue.
- That's the order of the numbers, so the code is 7056.

Level 15
- Clicking on each "arm" will rotate it around an axis. Click the first bunch and you will eventually form the number 5.
- The second arms will form the number 4.
- The third arms will make the number 3.
- The fourth set will make the number 7.
- When you've made the numbers, another set of numbers will appear, 4, 1, 3, and 2.
- This is the order to put the numbers you made. The code is 4735.

Level 16
- This is an arcade puzzle.
- Click anywhere in the upper area; the arrow will start to move.
- You can make the arrow change direction with a click.
- You want to pop all of the blue balls, without hitting a bomb. If you hit a bomb, the game resets.
- The answer to this level is random. Enter the displayed score in the top left of the clue display.


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