Saturday, November 17, 2012

LOOT The Game: Walkthrough Guide

LOOT The Game: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on LOOT The Game
You should try and pick up as much coloured loot as possible and store in your inventory first, then check it out on the tunnels to avoid making yourself a mess. Purchase the inventory slot expansions as soon as possible for you to loot more items along the way. However if survival is a problem, you should try to get Healing Cats to heal up there and avoid purchasing lots of potions. I have noticed that in this little flash game, dying does nothing other than resetting the train's health and replaced all destroyed turrets. There are three weapon types: Swords are pretty useless at the beginning, go up in damage with Strength. The gun is the elephant most reliable weapon, which is the best weapon and goes up in damage with Dexterity. Wands fire 10 fireballs per sec, but they are very slow, which go up in damage with Intelligence. Now, the trick to making the game a breeze is to aim for the loot! Which means you should always centre around rare loot %+, at around 8k+% you should always acquire Legendary (Red) equipment, which will help you substantially building up your preferred weapon damage. The problem with having too high damage is that you are progressing too fast. Meaning you are destroying trains with 3-4 hits, therefore, you will get less loot to equip yourself for the future levels. When you have a wide level gap (30+ levels), it can be a little bit frustrating. The only way to boost your progression is by waiting a bit and pick up dropped better loot. Then finish them off!

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  1. Love the game! Thank you very much. It's v v very useful.