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Flippin' Dead: Walkthrough Guide

Flippin' Dead: Walkthrough Guide

List of Zombies on Flippin' Dead
Regular zombie - Shuffles towards you, stops, shuffles, stop... Quick to eat.
Regular cyclops - Shoots eye at your from a distance. The eye can be repelled with Frost crate to freeze other zombies. Slightly harder to eat.
Big Zombie - Chases you for a few seconds trying to bite you. Takes more bites to kill.
Demonic zombie - Continuous slow chasing.
Demonic Cyclops - Same as a regular cyclops, but the projectile is slightly faster. Takes longer to eat.
Demonic Big Zombie - Chases you longer and tougher to eat.
Evil Eye - Any contact with this creature damages you. Charges at you in a straight line. Will be invulnerable in the rainbow run unless frozen or with unlock-able.

List of Unlockables on Flippin' Dead
Golden Crate - Releases golden zombies that are worth a lot of points once eaten.
Golden Clock - Golden Zombies add time bonus when eaten.
Life Crate - Restore a life.
Frost Crate - Freezes zombies on a blast.
Life Upgrade - You start with one more life.
Mega Points - Point Crates now give you x4 points.
Ghost Crate - Make you become an ethereal and freezing entity.
Golden Combo - Each Golden Zombie eaten in the rainbow run is worth more than the previous.
Protective Crown - Each time you take a hit you become invincible for a while.
Crowbar - Crates are easier to open.
Golden Magnet - When you eat a Golden zombie, humans are attracted to you.
Life Upgrade - You start with more life.
Sharp teeth - Zombies are easier to eat.
Speculum - The evil eye can no longer close itself.

Walkthrough Guide on Flippin' Dead
Remember if you pass close to a zombie, it'll flash, warning you that the zombie is about to bite. Do not stay in one spot for too long, always move around and learn to get out of sticky situations! Find the shortest and fastest way to manoeuvre through the zombies. Do not be too greedy on crates; If it is too risky, do not try as you are always more likely to die when you are aggressive. During a rainbow run, always go for clusters of zombies and try to get rid as many zombies as possible. This is because there is a relatively long interval between rainbow creates. At some point, if you do not rid enough zombies, the entire field will be covered with zombies. You couldn't even move. At that moment, it pretty much instant death. Take note that, you can get a 15,000-point bonus when you clear all zombies on the screen in a rainbow run. Each life crate that you open when you have full health is worth additional of 2,500 points each.


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