Saturday, November 10, 2012

Castle Crashing The Beard: Walkthrough Guide

Castle Crashing The Beard: Walkthrough Guide

List of Weapons on Castle Crashing The Beard
Rubber Plunger - Starting weapon
Morning Star Mace - Require 100 XP
Firefighter Axe - Require 250 XP
Spiked Javelin - Require 650 XP
Lollipop Candy - Require 950 XP

Walkthrough Guide on Castle Crashing The Beard
To defeat "The Beard" in the game, you want very high combos so that you can level up quickly. When the match begins, quickly jump onto the higher platform on the right and stick close to him. Then spam your attacks on him until you see his beard start moving, swiftly dodge by jumping his attack. When he moves to the side, he will always laser the top row first, then the bottom row. During this time, attack from the bottom then attacks from the top. Note that the middle platform is not high enough to dodge the bottom laser. When he exits the top of the screen, he will throw bread down at you. Stand under a platform, then let the bread bounce and dodge after. He also has an attack where he rotates his beard and chases you, although he seems to use it randomly. The skull only has one attack, it will shoot fireballs in all 8 directions on the left, right, then middle of the screen in that order. If you stand on the bumps on the lower levels, his fireballs can't hit you as long as you're not next to him. You can use this time to fully charge your magic. Stay away from his attack, then attack during his cool down period. Make as combos as possible, try and reach Spiked Javelin before he turns into a skull.


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