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Hack Slash Crawl: Walkthrough Guide

Hack Slash Crawl: Walkthrough Guide

List of Races on Hack Slash Crawl
Human - Improved resistances, Improved stats.
Atlantian - Resistant to ice, Grants the radical ability: Freezing Wind.
Vampire - Gains health with each melee attack.
Golem - Increased resistance to all forms of damage.
Celestial - Resistant to ice, electricity, and poison, Vulnerable to fire, Gains additional health from magic healing.
Demon - Resistant to fire, Deals additional fire damage with each melee attack.
Dryad - Grants the racial ability: Entangle.
Draconian - Grants the racial ability: Fire Breath.
Werewolf - Improved health regeneration.
Kitilid - Grants the racial ability: Swarm.
Minotaur - Improved strength and stamina, Grants the racial ability: Charge.
Skeleton - Does not regenerate health, Immune to poison, Grants the racial ability: Scavenge.

List of Classes on Hack Slash Crawl
Explorer - Improved willpower, Increased resistance to all forms of damage.
Cursed - Reduced stats, Highly increased resistance to all forms of damage, Physical attacks are converted to random magic damage types.
Necromancer - Improved will, Grants the class ability: Create Skeleton.
Magus - Improved intellect, Grants the class ability: Ignite.
Fighter - Improved strength, stamina, and armor.
Wanderer - Improved Stamina, Increased resistance to all forms of damage.
Duelist - Improved strength and intellect when fighting a single opponent.
Hunter - Improved strength and intellect, Increased resistance to poison and ice.
Juggernaut - Improved armor, Grants the class ability: Shield.
Charmer - Grants the class ability: Charm.
Reaper - Improved strength, Grants the class ability: Critical Strike.
Lightwielder - Improved willpower, Grants the racial ability heal.

List of Titles on Hack Slash Crawl
Nudist - +8 armor when wearing no armor.
Nonviolent - +2 Sta
Ascetic - +1 all stats when inventory is empty.
Humbled - +2 Will
Killer - +1 Str/Int
Hoarder - +2 armor when inventory is full.
Explorer - +1 Sta/Will
Traveled - +5% run speed
Stone Skin - +1 armor
Brave - +1 armor for each enemy over 2 when surrounded
Dauntless - +2 armor for each enemy over 2 when surrounded
Deadly - +2 Str/Int
Bonebane - +50% Dmg to skeletons
Strong - +3 Str
Tough - +3 Sta
Wise - +3 Will
Intelligent - +3 Int
Iron Skin - +2 armor
Spelunker - +2 Sta/Will
Experienced - +1 All Stats
Marathoner - +10% run speed
Steel Skin - +3 armor
Legendary - +2 All Stats
Herculian - +5 Str
Indomitable - +5 Sta
Iron Willed - +5 Will
Genius - +5 Int
Lethal - +3 Str/Int
Bonemaster - 20% Chance any skeleton that sees you will temporarily be charmed
Abyssal - +3 Sta/Will
Epic - +3 All Stats
Devastating - +5 Str/Int

Walkthrough Guide on Hack Slash Crawl
Elemental resistance is critical to success. Forget about poison; it's not a factor. Keep in mind that ice resistance is most important resistance for survival but still pick the highest elemental protection you can and always keep fire, ice and electric maxed out. This is more important than the armor in total. Build strength only to around 550 when you can one-hit anything. After that build up stamina to 200+, and you'll be indestructible as long as you keep elemental protection. Spells are useless in the later part of the game except heal/sanctify which can get you through gang attacks. Use the numbers on your keyboard, not the mouse to fire your spells.

You will learn that the most important magic you can have is 'critical hit.' Many weapon drops have this feature, and it the only feature that you need to one-hit at higher levels. There is only one class that has the Critical Hit spell as default, and that is Reaper. I strongly recommend Reaper as the class you chose. Having this skill as a default ability means that you can always equip the highest damage weapon. You do not have to hang onto any specific piece of equipment, but merely evaluate weapon drops on highest damage capability. Critical damage skill is based on weapon damage, not character strength.

Golem Explorer: It gives +30 elemental resistance!
Vampire Reaper: It has life steal and critical strike.
Human Fighter: Well-balanced stats.
Werewolf Lightwielder: High regeneration and overpowered heal.


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