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ClickPLAY Quickfire 3: Walkthrough Guide

ClickPLAY Quickfire 3: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on ClickPLAY Quickfire 3
Level 1 - Naughty Nature
- Find and remove all of the pegs.
- The first one is visible at the lower left corner of the tent.
- Move the rock in front of the lower right corner to find the second peg.
- Click the bush covering the back of the tent to reveal the third peg.
- After all the pegs are removed, click the tend to find the play button.

Level 2 - Organize
- Organize the panels in the comic strip so that the story goes in the chronological order of events.

Level 3 - 3 Odd Flashers
- Find the 3 bulbs that flash differently than the rest.
- All of the bulbs will flash rapidly from red to yellow multiple times except for the three different bulbs which only hold one flash to yellow for a long time.
- The position of each bulb is randomized each game.

Level 4 - Quickfire Challenge: Gesture Master
- Follow the instructions and select the correct hand gesture for each stage.
- Stage 1 - Rock or Spock
- Stage 2 - Pass or Fail
- Stage 3 - Bang or Hang
- Insult or Victory
- Wish or Hitch

Level 5 - Code Cracker 1
- Each picture represents the color of a button on the code box.
- The heart in the upper left corner is Red.
- The arrow pointing to the B in RGB (red green blue) in the upper right corner is Blue.
- The grass in the lower left corner is Green.
- The sun in the lower right corner is Yellow.

Level 6 - Cheesy Deal
- Remove the cloche covering the plate on the table.
- Click the cheese twice to knock it to the ground.
- Click the mouse hole
to call out the mouse, who will grab the cheese and reveal the play button.

level 7 - Almost Twins
- Find the five differences between the left and right picture.
- The right picture has an incorrect word "it's" in the text at the top.
- The pig's ear in the right picture is a darker shade of pink.
- The bottom spot on the right pig is much larger.
- The two left flowers under the pig in the left picture have switched places.
- The hair on the upper right side of the left pig's back is backward.

Level 8 - Memory Mash
- Quickly memorize the positions of the blue and pink bunnies.
- When the timer runs out, all of the bunnies will be concealed.
- Follow the instructions and only click either the blue or pink bunnies to reveal them.

Level 9 - Quickfire Challenge: Light It Up!
- Arrange the wires so that they create a connected path from the power source to the bulb.
- The tiles will automatically rotate clockwise; simply hit the button to make them stop where you would like them to.

Level 10 - Code Cracker 2
- Use the clues from the picture to find the correct numbers in the code box.
- Say each image out loud and select the number it rhymes with.
- Bricks = Six
- Nun = One
- Wine = Nine
- Tree = Three

Level 11 - Sudden Luck
- Click and drag each of the three fish jumpings in the water onto the boat.

Level 12 - Five Out
- Remove 5 of the blocks to complete the image of the play button.
- Click a block to destroy it, which will drop all of the blocks above it down one space.
- An easy method to solve this puzzle is first to look for blocks pointing in the wrong direction.

Level 13 - Parental Products
- Find the number of spots on each baby ladybug's back by multiplying the number of spots on their parents' backs.
- The top left ladybugs have 4 spots and 2 spots, 4 x 2 = 8 baby spots.
- The top right ladybugs have 1 spot and 2 spots, 1 x 2 = 2 baby spots.
- The bottom left ladybugs to have 2 spots and 3 spots, 2 x 3 = 6 baby spots.
- The bottom right ladybugs have 4 spots and 1 spot, 4 x 1 = 4 baby spots.

Level 14 - Quickfire Challenge: Puzzle Monster Maker
- Complete each monster by correctly arranging the panels.
- Each monster has a left side, a middle, and a right side.
- Wait for the correct side to appear, then push the button to lock it in place.

Level 15 - Code Cracker 3
- Translate the names on the four picture frames to find the four numbers for the code box.
- Turn all of the clocks so that the hands point to the correct times according to each number.
- Nueve at the top left is Spanish for 9.
- Zwei at the top right is German for 2.
- Ichi at the bottom left is Japanese for 1.
- Septum at the bottom right is Latin for 7.

Level 16 - Burned Toast
- Plug the cord into the outlet, then press the button beside the outlet to turn on the power.
- Turn the dial on the toaster to high heat.
- Click and drag the button down at the side of the toaster to cook the bread.
- Wait for it to smoke and a firetruck will appear with a play button in the window.

Level 17 - Unscramble
- Follow the word clues to find the secret word, then arrange the letters to spell it.
- RE+T+RO = Retro.
- C+ON+S+OLE = Console.

Level 18 - 13 Ninjas
- Find the ninjas hiding around the scene.
- Remove the sandbags from the air balloon to reveal Ninja 1.
- Look inside the hollow of the tree to find Ninja 2.
- Poke the chimney with the stick on the ground, then open the left window of the house to uncover Ninja 3.
- Open the right window of the house to find Ninja 4.
- Move the rock aside to uncover the worm, then put the worm in the nest to reveal Ninja 5.
- Ninja 6 is on the left side of the tree trunk.
- Ninja 7 is above the leaves of the tree.
- Ninja 8 is under the leaves of the tree.
- Ninja 9 is on the leaves of the small brown tree.
- Ninja 10 is on the left side of the small brown tree.
- Ninja 11 is on the right side of the small brown tree.
- Ninja 12 is on the left side of the roof of the house.
- Ninja 13 is on top of the roof of the house.

Level 19 - Quickfire Challenge: Descramble
- Arrange the letters correctly to spell the word for each picture.
- Wait for the correct letter to appear, then press the button to lock it in.
- The first word is BOW.
- The second word is BUS.
- The third word is CUP.
- The fourth word is UFO.
- The fifth word is HAT.

Level 20 - Code Cracker 4
- Each number refers to a letter of the alphabet where A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.
- The shaded section of the number indicates which area of the code box it belongs to.
- 5 refers to the 5th letter of the alphabet, E, and is shaded in the lower right corner.
- 4 refers to the 4th letter of the alphabet, D, and is shaded in the lower left corner.
- 15 refers to the 15th letter of the alphabet, O, and is shaded in the upper right corner.
- 3 refers to the 3rd letter of the alphabet, C, and is shaded in the upper left corner.
- The letters spell out the word "CODE".


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