Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bit Dungeon: Walkthrough Guide

Bit Dungeon: Walkthrough Guide

List of Stats on Bit Dungeon
Attack - Increases attack damage.
Critical - Increases chance to deal a critical strike.
Stun - Increases chance to deal a "stun attack".
PotionFind - Increases chance to find potions.
LifeSteal - Heals you when you attack.
Deathstrike - Increases chance to deal a "death strike".
Chop - Increases chance to deal a "chop" attack.
Cleave - Increases chance to deal a "cleave" attack.
xProc - Increases chance to cast your equipped spell on the attack.
xCrit - Increases damage multiplier of critical strikes.
xDefend - increases chance to ignore damage.
Runspeed - increases your movement speed.

List of Magic System on Bit Dungeon
Ice - 3 Ice shards float around you + initial burst.
Fire - Shoot fire in all directions.
Lightning - Unleash random lightning in random directions
Fire + Lightning = Explode - Shoots 8 orbs that explode on impact.
Ice + Fire = Gem - You are surrounded by gems orbs, each will do dmg to an enemy when hit and grow smaller until gone.
Ice + Lightning = Poison - You are surrounded by poison orbs, each will do dmg to an enemy when hit and grow smaller until gone.
Ice + Fire + Lighting = Chaos - Damage across the screen and 3 chaos orbs float around you, doing same as "gem".

List of Item Rarity in Bit Dungeon
Brown(Common) - Level 1 to 2 items
Blue(Not-so-common)- Level 2 to 3 items
Purple(Uncommon) - Level 4 to 6 items
Red(Rare) - Level 7 to 9 items
Cyan(Very rare) - Level 10 to 12 items

Tips & Tricks on Bit Dungeon
You should learn to hold down mouse click to charge up for stun attack whenever possible. Once charged your next attack will be a power attack dealing tons of damage (attack+critical+stun). Holding down mouse click to block any attack.


  1. Hey, nice review there!
    Thanks a lot for expanding on the magic system, I've been trying hard to find info on that.

  2. Can the chests in the item shop contain any color gear or is it just brown items.
    Also I was uncertain as about the colored items for I have a green item and its lvl3
    and also found a black sword however the color of the name of the sword is purple