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Relic of War: Walkthrough Guide

Relic of War: Walkthrough Guide

List of Squads on Relic of War
Volksgrenadier - They are soldiers who had adequate with little to no combat experience.
Sturmtruppen - They are assault infantry armed with MP44 Assault Rifles.
Pioniertruppen - Engineer troops equipped with flamethrowers.
Panzergenadier - They are the core infantry unit for Panzer Division, tank busters, and assault riflemen rolled into one.
Scharfschutzen - A lone wolf expert in long range combat.
Kommandotruppe - Highly trained Commando troops, they are armed with assault rifles and grenades.
ZZ-Pionier - These are elite combat engineer troops equipped with flamethrowers.
ZZ-Panzerarm - They are the elite anti-tank troops, equipped with a very deadly rocket launcher.
ZZ-Kommando - These Commandos have been injected with an experimental serum that gives them super strength.
Uber-soldat - The result of twisted Nazi experiments. Built from soldiers, they kill without remorse.
Gorilla-soldat - They are one of the results of the ubersoldat project experiments.
Kampfwanzer - Kampf Wandern-Panzer is Axis' walking tank that mounts 2x20mm auto cannon and a secondary grenade launcher.
Schwerwanzer - Schwer Wandern-Panzer is Axis' heavy artillery bipedal tank that mounts an 88 Flak Cannon.
Helga Frauscharf (Hero) - Helga is a formidable gunfighter and a high-ranking member of the SS Paranormal Division.
Red Face (Hero) - Leader of Axis covert organization that specializes in paranormal research.
Heichler (Hero) - Fuhrer of The Third Reich.

Riflemen Squad - The Riflemen Squad is the core infantry unit for the Allied forces.
Rangers Squad - The Ranger Squad is an assault infantry unit equipped with automatic weapons.
Engineer Squad - These combat engineers are equipped with Flamethrowers.
Tankbusters - Tankbusters are equipped with Bazookas.
Sniper - The Sniper is a one-man infantry long range sharpshooter unit.
Heavy-MG Squad - The Heavy-MG is a mobile anti-infantry squad equipped with M1944 Vulcan Gun.
Elite Engineers - These are elite demolition squad equipped with explosives and flamethrowers.
Elite Destroyers - They are the elite anti-tank troops, equipped with a very deadly rocket launcher.
Elite MG Squad - These Commandos have been injected with an experimental serum that gave them super strength.
Wolf - A genetically modified wolf trained for combat.
Green Berey - Highly trained Allied special forces commandos.
Small Cat - The LC is a German-captured Kampfwanzer modified by American engineers.
Huge Dog - The BD is an American built Heavy Combat Walker based on captured German technology.
Twin Bros (Hero) - Twins hesse and Hames are members of the British "Red Devils" Paratrooper Commando
Col. Pierce (Hero) - Col. Pierce Sterling of the British "Red Devils" 1st Parachute Division, one badass fighter.

List of Support on Relic of War
Medical Kit - Heal your troops instantly.
Air Strike - Call in an attack to make a strafing run. (effective against unit)
Bomb Strike - Call in an attack plane to make a bombing run. (10x damage on building)
Napalm - Thickened burning liquid composition. (effective against unit)
Bear Trap - Set bear traps that will slow down enemy movements.
Land Mine - Place landmines in an area.

List of Upgrades on Relic of War
Upgrades are sorted into several categories as the economy, research or armory which provide you with a wide variety of advantages. The economy, for instance, increases the maximum number of troops that you can recruit; Armory makes your troops more powerful, and research unlocks new unit types and makes buildings that you capture or have more powerful or resilient.

Standard Gear - Increase base unit Hp & damage by 5%.
Weapons Training - Increase base unit damage by 10%.
AP Rounds - Increase base unit damage by 20%.
Advance Training - Increase base unit damage by 30%.
Advanced Weapons - Increase base unit damage by 45%.
Body Armor - Increase base unit Hp by 10%.
Armor Plating - Increase base unit Hp by 20%.
Field Medkit - Increase base unit Hp by 30%.
Advanced Armor - Increase base unit Hp by 45%.

Military Logistics - Increase population by 3 & initial gold by 30.
Military Budget - Increase initial gold by 60.
Reserved Funds - Increase initial gold by 90.
Plunder - Increase gold regeneration by 3.
War Economy - Increase initial gold by 120.
War Industry - Increase initial gold by 150.
War Bonds - Increase gold regeneration by 6.
Rations - Increase population by 6.
Veterancy - Unit get bonus experience 20%.
Military Supplies -Increase population by 9.
Leadership - Unit gets bonus experience 40%.

Badass Training - Unlock more powerful squads.
Barricades - Increase Headquarter HP by 25%.
Defensive Tower - Increase Headquarter HP by 50%.
Fortification - Increase Headquarter HP by 75%.
Seige Operation - Increase Headquarter HP by 100%.
Artifact Study - Unlock elite squads.
Unholy - Unlock Experimental squads.
Mecha Project - Unlock Mecha Squads.
Parallel - Unlock hero squads.
Minigun - Increase tower damage by 10%.
Flamethrower - Unlock Flame tower & increase tower attack speed by 10%.
Rockets - Unlock artillery tower & increase damage by 20%.
Tesla Coil - Unlock Tesla Coil & experimental tesla squad.

Explosive - Increase base support by 10%.
Fire Call Barrage - Increase base support damage by 25% & unlock Bomb Strike support.
Join Strike - Increase base support by 45%.
Coordinated - Increase base support by 70%.
Quick Response - Reduce base support cooldown by 10%.
Command Centre - Reduce base support cooldown by 25%.
Rapid - Reduce base support cooldown by 45%.
Pre-emptive - Reduce base support cooldown by 70%.

Recommended Build on Relic of War
Axis & Allied:
1. Max Armory
2. Unlock Elite and Experimenter squads
3. Max Economy
4. Max base support cooldown
5. Max Mecha and Hero Squads.
6. Max all others upgrades.

Squad Build
Axis: Kommandotruppe, ZZ-Kommando, Gorrila-soldat, Uber-soldat, Kampfwanzer, Helga Frauscharf
Allied: Heavy-MG Squad, Elite MG Squad, Wolf, Green Berret, Small Cat, Col. Pierce.

Support Build
Axis & Allied: Medical Kit (Level 3), Air Strike (Level 3), Bomb Strike (Optional), Napalm (Level 3), Bear Trap (Optional)

Reset your medals if you are stuck. Experiment with different kind of squads and fortifications can buy you some time. Train your soldiers and command your troops to victory. Good luck!


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