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Deadly Neighbors 2: Walkthrough Guide

Deadly Neighbors 2: Walkthrough Guide

List of Classes on Deadly Neighbors 2
Chargers - They are melee all-rounders, with the ability to set enemies on fire.
Bruisers - They are slow but strong, and make good tanks absorb damage.
Kids - They have low health (HP), but have the ability to dodge and deal a lot of damage.
Shooters - They are great at ranged combat but die quickly in close range.
Cats - It can move around quickly, and have the ability to bleed enemies.
Dogs - It has support and healing abilities, and are decent against Pets.
Cutters - They have a lot of sharp blades. They are true melee specialists.
Tinkers - They use tools and devices start weak, but get deadlier over time.
Throwers - They have a ranged attack that bounces off multiple targets.
Zombies - They are slow but can upgrade to become hard to kill.
Pyros - Pyros like fire. Lots of fire. All their skills are flame based. Burn!
Emo Goths - They are dark, depressed and have twisted abilities.

List of Skills Upgrades on Deadly Neighbors 2
Each upgrade increases damage by 1 and starting HP by 5. Tier 3 upgrades are better versions of Tier 1 upgrades. The first skill is unlocked when a character is Level 2, second skill is at Level 4, and third skill at level 7. These can be triggered every 5 seconds during battle, with delay increasing with every skill used and third skill can be only used once.

Tier 1
1. Increase maximum damage by 8.
2. The first attack deals double damage.
3. Free melee counter-attack that deals 30% damage.
4. 30% chance to start a fire on every attack.
5. Recover 20% of melee damage as health.
Tier 2
6. When killed, release a Killer Lawnmower.
7. Damage from Kids is automatically reduced by 50%.
8. When an enemy dies, regain 25% of your maximum HP.
9. When an ally dies, every enemy catches fire.
10. Regain 2 HP per second when you are on fire.
Tier 3
11. Increase minimum damage by 5.
12. The first attack now deals 4x damage.
13. Melee counter-attack damage is now doubled.
14. Every hit will have a 100% chance of starting a fire.
15. You now recover 33% of melee damage as health.
1st Skill: Counter Punch - The next time melee hits you, the enemy takes 100% of their damage.
2nd Skill: Cut the Lawn - Release a Killer Lawnmower that deals 35-50 damage.
3rd Skill: Omega Strike - Your next hit does 5x and sets the enemy on fire.
Recommended Skills: 3, 4, 5, 13, 14, 15

Tier 1
1. Increase starting HP by 75.
2. Increase maximum damage by 10.
3. Increase movement range and speed.
4. 10% chance to punch twice, 100% on the first attack.
5. You take half as much damage from bleeding and fire.
Tier 2
6. When an ally dies, regain 50 HP.
7. 50% chance to stun the enemy for 1 second when punched.
8. You take 40% less damage from melee attacks.
9. When killed, all enemies are stunned for 3 seconds
10. When your HP drops below 20%, deal triple damage.
Tier 3
11. Starting HP bonus improved to 150.
12. Increase minimum damage by 5.
13. You can move twice as fast.
14. Second punch deals an additional 25% damage.
15. You are immune to bleeding and fire.
1st Skill: Stomping Wave - Deals 100% damage to all enemies in adjacent squares.
2nd Skill: Shocking Blow - Deals 75% damage to enemies one row above, one row below and on the same row as you.
3rd Skill: Shaken Earth - Deals damage to all enemies, and stuns for 3 seconds.
Recommended Skills: 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 15

Tier 1
1. Increase maximum damage by 12.
2. Gain 20% chance to dodge melee attacks.
3. Increase attack speed by 15%
4. Deal 20% extra damage to burning or bleeding enemies.
5. Gain 33% chance to dodge bullets.
Tier 2
6. When an enemy dies, your attacks become 20% faster.
7. If an enemy has more HP than you do, do 30% more damage.
8. When killed, all adjacent enemies take 30 damage.
9. Gain an extra 33% damage against Pets.
10. Deal 3x damage on enemies below 25% hp.
Tier 3
11. Increase minimum damage by 5.
12. Melee dodge chance improved to 35%
13. Attack speed is now 25% faster.
14. Bonus to burning or bleeding enemy increased to 50%.
15. Bullet dodge chance improved to 50%.
1st Skill: Artful Dodger - Gain 100% dodge on the next hit against you. Does not trigger against aimed shots.
2nd Skill: Assassin Blade - Teleports next to and deals 150% damage to a random enemy.
3rd Skill: Teleport Strike - Teleports 4 times, striking enemies at random.
Recommended Skills: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 13

Tier 1
1. 10% chance to deal x1.5 critical damage.
2. Deal 30% extra damage against Bruisers.
3. Increase starting HP by 35 and maximum damage by 5.
4. Increase attack speed by 15%.
5. Attacks have a 50% chance to stun enemies for 0.5 seconds.
Tier 2
6. When killed, fire one last shot that deals triple damage.
7. All bullets pierce targets and gain 50% damage per additional target.
8. When an ally dies, fire two quick random shots.
9. Bullets explode on impact, dealing 25% damage to adjacent enemies.
10. The first attack is an x4 critical if the enemy has more HP, x1.5 otherwise.
Tier 3
11. Improved to 15% chances to deal x2 critical.
12. Bonus against Bruiser is now 50%.
13. Increase starting HP by another 15 and minimum damage by 5.
14. 10% chance to shoot an extra bullet.
15. Attacks now add a 1-second delay when stunning.
1st Skill: Aimed Shot - Next shot will never miss, and deals an additional 30 damage.
2nd Skill: Burst Shot - Fires two bullet rapidly at random enemies.
3rd Skill: Glass Cannon - Lose 25% of your current HP but triple your maximum damage.
Recommended Skills: 4, 5, 7, 14, 15

Tier 1
1. Increase movement ranges by one square
2. Gain 20% extra damage against Shooters.
3. 50% chance for attacks to cause targets to bleed.
4. Movement speed is increased by 33%.
5. Gain 20% extra damage against bleeding targets.
Tier 2
6. Movement is free if you land an attack at the end of it.
7. When an enemy dies, gain five extra maximum damage.
8. 10% to deal x1.33 critical damage.
9. When an ally dies, attack all adjacent enemies.
10. You come back when killed, nine times Maximum HP reduced by 90%.
Tier 3
11. Increase movement ranges by another square.
12. You now deal 50% extra damage against Shooters.
13. 100% chance to bleed. Extra 15 damage if causes bleeding
14. Movement speed is doubled.
15. Bonus against bleeding targets increased to 35%.
1st Skill: Flash Cat Steps - Instantly teleports next to the furthest enemy.
2nd Skill: Blood Festival - Make all enemies start bleeding. If already bleeding, deal 25 damage.
3rd Skill: Kitty Litter - Creates two random cats that have the same damage as you, but only 50 HP.
Recommended Skills: 3, 4, 5, 7, 13

Tier 1
1. Adjacent allies regain 3 Hp per second.
2. Regenerate 1 HP per second.
3. Reduce melee damage taken by 25%.
4. Gain an extra 30% damage against Pets.
5. Gain 20 starting HP and 4 maximum damage for each allied Dog.
Tier 2
6. When an ally dies, gain 5 minimum damage and 12 maximum damage.
7. When an enemy dies, gain 30 current and Maximum HP.
8. Free melee counter-attack that deals 50% damage.
9. When an enemy dies, enemy damage is reduced by 20%.
10. When killed, all allies are healed to full HP.
Tier 3
11. Adjacent allies now regain 5 HP per second.
12. Your HP regeneration is now 3 HP per second.
13. Melee damage taken is now reduced by 40%.
14. You now deal 75% damage against Pets.
15. Bonus per dog is now 40 HP and 6 maximum damage.
1st Skill: Face Luck - The ally with the lowest HP gets healed for 60 hp. Puts out flames if that ally is burning
2nd Skill: Friendly Bark - All allies gain 35 HP and stop bleeding.
3rd Skill: Sacrifice Doggie - You and all enemies take 75 damage.
Recommended Skills: 1, 3, 6, 7, 11

Tier 1
1. Increase damage by 5.
2. 12% chance to deal x1.25 maximum damage.
3. Increase attack speed by 10%.
4. 30% chance to block melee attacks, returning 25% of the damage.
5. 35% chance to deflect bullets and projectiles after you're hit.
Tier 2
6. Your attacks can never be countered.
7. You deal 30% extra damage to other Cutters.
8. You deal an extra 25% damage if the enemy has less HP.
9. Attacks have a 30% chance to cause enemies to bleed.
10. You can throw daggers (half damage) at enemies out of melee range.
Tier 3
11. Further increases damage by 7.
12. Critical damage bonus increased to x1.75.
13. Attack speed bonus increased to 25%.
14. Block chance increased to 50%, damage returned is now 40%.
15. Only 1 damage taken when projectiles are deflected.
1st Skill: Whirling Blade - Cuts all enemies within 2 squares in a whirlwind of rapid cuts.
2nd Skill: Throw Dagger - Throws a dagger that deals damage to the enemy that is still alive.
3rd Skill: Behead Enemy - Teleport strike at 125% damage on the enemy with the lowest HP. Gain 75 HP.
Recommended Skills: 4, 5, 8, 10, 14, 15

Tier 1
1. Increase starting HP by 30.
2. 25% chance to electrocute enemies: 0.25-second stun, 5 extra damage.
3. Increase melee damage by 5.
4. Your bulletproof vest reduces damage taken from missiles by 30%.
5. Drops a Mine when an ally is killed: 3 second Countdown, 30-50 damage.
Tier 2
6. Electrocutions now deal an additional 12 damage.
7. Electrocutions now stun for an extra 0.25 seconds.
8. Gain 10 HP whenever you strike an enemy.
9. When killed, a random enemy is electrocuted and move range is reduced by 1.
10. Automatically electrocutes one adjacent enemy every 3 seconds.
Tier 3
11. Starting HP bonus increased to 50.
12. Electrocution chance increased to 50%.
13. Melee damage bonus increased to 12.
14. Missile damage reduction increased to 60%.
15. Mine cooldown decreased to 1 second, deals 50-75 damage.
1st Skill: Massive Shock - Gives a high voltage electrocution to every single enemy.
2nd Skill: Teleport Matter - Teleports an enemy to you, dealing 30 damage and adding 3 seconds to its ability cool down.
3rd Skill: Sentry Gun - Drop a Sentry Gun that fires up to 15 bullets at random enemies at 5-10 damage each.
Recommended Skills: 2, 6, 7, 10, 12

Tier 1
1. Increases initial damage of throw objects by 4.
2. Regain 5 HP every time you throw an object.
3. Increase your initial HP by 35.
4. Thrown objects lose only 60% damage per bounce instead of 75%.
5. Thrown objects can now bounce and attack two enemies.
Tier 2
6. Increase movement speed by 50%.
7. Start a fire whenever a thrown object hits: 25% chance on bounces.
8. The first enemy struck by a thrown object is stunned for 1 second.
9. When an ally is killed, you get a free throw.
10. 10% chance of no damage reduction on the bounce.
Tier 3
11. Further increases the damage of throw objects by 6.
12. Regeneration per throw is increased to 12 HP.
13. Initial HP bonus is increased to 70.
14. Thrown objects now lose only 50% damage per bounce.
15. Thrown objects can now bounce and attack three enemies.
1st Skill: Power Throw - Throws a projectile that deals x1.75 damage and bounces between enemies 5 times.
2nd Skill: Double Throw - Throw two projectiles at enemies at once.
3rd Skill: Meteor Drop - Drops a Meteor on a random enemy, dealing 100 damage and starting fires.
Recommended Skills: 5, 7, 8, 15

Tier 1
1. Regain 7 HP with every attack.
2. Increased movement speed and move range.
3. Passive HP regeneration increased from 1/sec to 3/sec.
4. 10% chance to make an enemy bleed per hit.
5. Increase starting HP by 50.
Tier 2
6. If you are burning, deal double damage to enemies.
7. If you are bleeding, gain 1HP/sec instead of losing HP.
8. If an enemy has less than 25% HP, stun for 1-second per hit.
9. Regain an extra 15 HP per hit if an enemy is bleeding. BRAAAINS.
10. When an enemy is killed by your attack, summon a 50HP Zombie.
Tier 3
11. HP gained from each attack increased to 15.
12. Move range and move speed is further increased.
13. Passive HP regeneration improved further to 5/sec.
14. Enemy bleed chance increased to 25% per hit.
15. Further, increase the starting HP by 65.
1st Skill: Undead Regen - Instantly restores 20% of your maximum HP.
2nd Skill: Brain Drain - On your next attack, you do double damage and regain HP equal to 50% of that.
3rd Skill: Zombie Horde - Summons three Zombies with 35 HP and 35 extra HP for every dead enemy.
Recommended Skills: 1, 3, 8, 10, 11

Tier 1
1. Increases your HP by 35.
2. Increased your damage by 5.
3. You deal 50% extra damage to Zombies.
4. Your attacks have a 10% chance to stun enemies of 0.5 seconds.
5. Your attacks gain 1 to 2 damage for every fire on the map.
Tier 2
6. You are now immune to flames.
7. Adjacent enemies are also set on fire when you hit an enemy.
8. If you take damage from bleeding, your fire cauterizes the wound.
9. Fire from your Molotovs now last an extra 10 seconds. Napalm!
10. Adjacent enemies automatically catch fire. Spread the flames!
Tier 3
11. HP bonus further increased to 70.
12. Increases your damage by another 5 points.
13. You now deal 100% extra damage to Zombies.
14. Stun chance increased to 15% to stun for 1 second.
15. Your attacks now gain 1 to 3 damage for every on the map.
1st Skill: Fire Starter - Sets fire to all enemies on the map. Burn them all!
2nd Skill: Flame Flicker - A random enemy takes 40 damage and catches fire.
3rd Skill: Burning Tsunami - A giant tsunami of fire deals 35-50 damage to enemies and starts random fires.
Recommended Skills: 5, 7, 9, 10, 15

Emo Goths
Tier 1
1. Increase your damage by 5.
2. 10% chance to deal 50% extra damage.
3. Increase your starting HP by 35.
4. Increases your attack speed by 15%.
5. Regain 50% of your max HP if a human ally is killed.
Tier 2
6. You take 50% damage from missiles and bullets.
7. You deal x1.25 damage when your HP is below 50%.
8. When an enemy dies, your abilities are instantly ready.
9. If killed, your killer takes 35 damage and bleeds.
10. When killed, summon a 150 HP Demon.
Tier 3
11. Further increases your damage by 5.
12. 15% chance to deal 75% extra damage.
13. HP bonus further increased to 70.
14. Attack speed increased by 15%
15. When a human ally, regain 100% of your max HP.
1st Skill: Dark Misery - Spread the sadness. All enemies lose 15% of their current HP
2nd Skill: Blood Slash - Make yourself bleed and take 15 damage, but gain 7 maximum damage.
3rd Skill: Summon Demon - Instantly kills yourself, and summons a more powerful Demon.
Recommended Skills: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10

List of Special Items on Deadly Neighbors 2
Battered Hat (All Range Damage -2)
Beef Burger (+25 Charger's HP)
Beef Burger (Charger's HP +25)
Bone Necklace (+20 Zombie HP)
Bottled Milk (+25 Cutter HP)
Candy Bar (+5 Zombie Damage)
Car Keys (All ability cooldown -0.5 seconds)
Cat Collar (+5 Cats Damage)
Coffee Cup (Attack Speed +5%)
Diamond Ring(All Female Humans do +5 dmg)
Dirty Broom (Charger's dmg +5)
Doggie Poo (Dog's dmg +3)
Empty Wallet (+5 Melee Damage vs. Cutters)
First Aid Kit (+15% All Healing)
Floppy Disk (+2 Electrocute Damage)
Gas Tank (Pyro's dmg +5)
Goldfish Bowl (All ranged dmg +2)
High Def TV (+5 Bruiser Damage)
Hotdog Bun (Kid's HP +15)
Ketchup (+5 Melee Damage vs. Zombie)
Leather Jacket (Shooter HP +25)
Light Bulb (+2 Electrocute Damage)
Match Stick (All Burn dmg -1)
Meat Cleaver (+5 Cutters Damage)
Nice Pillow (-4 Melee Damage Taken)
Old Revolver (+5 Shooter Damage)
Old Violin (Thrower's HP +20)
Pet Bird (+25 Cats HP)
Photo Frame (All Melee dmg +3)
Pizza Slice (+25 Male Humans HP)
Pocket Watch (Tinker's HP +25)
Potted Plant (Melee Dmg vs. EmoGoth's +5)
Refrigerator (+15 HP to All Classes)
Roast Beef (Bruiser HP +35)
Sharp Needle (-1 Bleed Damage)
Smelly Cheese (+7 Melee Damage vs. Dog)
Soiled Undies (All Melee dmg +2)
Step Ladder (+5 Melee Damage vs. Throwers)
Story Book (+5 Melee Damage against Kids)
Sturdy Padlock (-3 Melee Damage Taken)
Switchblade (+5 EmoGoths Damage)
Tea Pot (Melee dmg vs. Bruisers +5)
Teddy Bear (+4 Kids Damage)
Toaster (Pyro's HP +25)
Toilet Brush (+25 EmoGoths HP)
Toilet Paper (+3 Damage to Chargers)
Wall Clock (Tinker's dmg +3
Water Bowl (+15 Dogs HP)
Welcome Matt (-2 Range Damage Taken)
Wooden Chair (Bruiser dmg +5)

Recommended Build on Deadly Neighbors 2
There are around 220 possibilities to create a family. It can be indeed challenging to create your evil family that will turn out to be someone else's evil neighbor. Below are some of my favorite ways you can build to beat the game:

Build Chargers, Bruisers and Shooters
One of the well-balanced team; you got a range, a melee, and a tank! Range and melee will do all the damage while the big bruisers stand at the front line to absorb all the incoming damage. What's more, can you ask? To me, this is like the most original and classic family you can build. You can't go wrong with this.

Build all 3 Shooters
They have decent attack speed and can cause stun. Pretty much unstoppable if you take down opponent's range (such as shooters) or main character. One of the best crowd control team you can ever build. Stun here stuns there. Most of the time, you get to attack more than the opponent does.

Build all 3 Kids
Kids have excellent attack speed and one of the coolest skills. This is my very first build, and I lasted most of the stages. With proper strategy and formation, you can deal an overwhelming damage to all kinds of classes. The damage is outrageous, the most member including the bruisers will normally die in the 4 turns max.

Build all 2 dogs & cats
A team of passive & active healers that can do a reasonable amount of damage. No one will have thought of healers to be killers. I tend to have 600 remaining HP among my team at the end of each round. They are indeed man's best friends. Good puppy and kitty!

Build all 3 Tinkers
With full electrocution upgrades and ranged damage reduction. And what do I get? A family that's even more ridiculously powerful. The opponent can't even play because of stun! Tinkers are overpowered, don't underestimate their power. You will be quite surprised by the damage output.

Build Emo Goths, Dogs and Zombies
This family member combination is surely going to be your neighbors' nightmare. Dogs are more than just healers; they can be quite deadly too. Zombies are considered a beefy member with especially all the regen. And Emo Goths are just irritating.

Build all 3 cutters
Cutters with these skills are capable of avoiding damage from range enemies as they approach them for the kill. They are also able to block and counter attack melee enemies, making them a formidable close-and-far combat attackers.


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