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Seedling: Walkthrough Guide

Seedling: Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide on Seedling
Boss 1: Shieldspire
Stand in front of him but don't attack. After a couple of seconds, he'll move his shield to the side, and you can safely hit him. Repeat a few times to kill him.

Boss 2: The Times
The boss grabs a new weapon each time you deal a certain amount of damage to him. Your health regenerates at this point, so you can just spam the attack button without needing to
dodge his attacks.

Boss 3: Totem
This boss is quite frustrating to fight, because of the constant camera shifts and his earthquake ability, which leaves you facing the other direction. Equip the wand and shoot when you get the opportunity. Stay out of the beams of light, and avoid the shots he fires on the left and right immediately after the beam, then hide in the bottom right corner and shoot at him as he gets closer. Repeat a few times to defeat him.

Boss 4: Tentacle Beast
A nice simple boss. Just simply cut off its legs as they appear. Once every leg has been chopped up, the boss will be defeated.

Boss 5: The Lights
Activate the pillar, and a bunch of monsters will swarm around you. These are easy to beat—stay by the pillars, and attack outwards as they fly by you. When there's only a few remaining, they'll move in a bit nearer you. A couple of steps and some quick attacks should see you safe, though.

Boss 6: King of Fire
Stand directly in front of the King of Fire, just a step or two back in the lava.
Equip the sword as the radius is useful here.mKill the two bats he throws, then deflects a fireball back at him. While he's flickering, run forward and attack him directly. Repeat a few times to win.

Boss 7: The Owl
You can only hit the owl when it is moving around. It leaves its hiding place and moves in an anti-clockwise direction after the rocks stop falling. Stay one step ahead so you can attack as it comes out. Attack the owl in the direction of the lava and it only takes a few hits to kill it.

Full Treasure Location on Seedling
1. The house in the village.
2. The first dungeon, after the sword.
3. Shieldspire's dungeon (pre-conch)—fall through the hole in the floor.
4. In the cave with Adnan where you get teleported to the outside of the sixth dungeon.
5. In the entry of Totem's dungeon
6. Further along within Totem's dungeon, in front of the burnable tree for a switch.
7. On the southern-most ledges of the forest area, near the lava dungeon opening.
8. In a cave above from where you get the Penguin's Feather.
9. On the return to Shieldspire's dungeon (with the conch), go across the water to the chest.
10. The Times dungeon, above the area with the drills.
11. On the inside of Tentacle Beast's dungeon; in a little ice part surrounded by water.
12. Around the outside of Tentacle Beast's dungeon; right above the part where you can be teleported out of the boss area.
13. In the King of Fire's dungeon (pre-dark suit), in the first big room, near the entrance to the boss area.
14. In the King of Fire's dungeon (with the dark suit), in the area where you will first be pulled across a gap by an enemy.
15. Inside the Lights' dungeon (with the dark suit), across some lava, and above where you can get the health.
16. In the entry to Ghethis, to the upper-right of the first area in the tower.


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