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Kamikaze Pigs: Walkthrough Guide

Kamikaze Pigs: Walkthrough Guide

List of Upgrades on Kamikaze Pigs
Rat-A-Tat-Tat - Fire 3 shots as the plane goes down.
Cost: 750
Paratroopah - The pilot ejects, and fires twice while descending.
Cost: 1,500
Badda Bomb - The bomber manages to drop its payload.
Cost: 25,000
Rump Roast - The paratroopah's pants explode on impact
Cost: 75,000

Uranium Tips - The tank's shells explode on impact.
Cost: 2,500
Double Shot - An auto-loader fires a second round.
Cost: 20,000
Char-broiled - The tank mounts a flamethrower.
Cost: 15,000

Rocket Power - The chopper fires a dumb rocket.
Cost: 1,000
Slice - The chopper sheds two of its rotor blade in an arc.
Cost: 3,000
Smart Rocket - The rocket seeks out a target.
Cost: 9,000
Dice - All four rotor blades are sent spinning.
Cost: 14,000
Whirlwind - The rotor blades scatter much further.
Cost: 35,000
Chemical Burn - The rocket's fuel lasts three times as long.
Cost: 75,000

Li'l Pigs - 3 Troopahs leap from the back of the truck.
Cost: 50
Rocket Pig - The troopahs get randomly exploding jetpacks.
Cost: 4,950
This Li'l Pig - The truck yields 2 extra rocket troopahs.
Cost: 6,000
Super Fuel - Jetpacks gain a larger explosion radius.
Cost: 20,000
Proximity - Jetpacks explode on contact with other units.
Cost: 30,000

Rocket Salvo - Fires an extra rocket, for a total of 2.
Cost: 3,000
Bigger Bang - Rockets gain a larger explosion radius.
Cost: 6,000
Railgun - Rockets penetrate multiple targets.
Cost: 30,000
Oinker's Organ - Fires an extra rocket for a total of 3.
Cost: 35,000

Pot Shot - Troopah has a 15% chance of being a riflepig.
Cost: 250
Hot Potato - Troopah has a 15% chance of being a hoggrenadier.
Cost: 2,000
Reflexes - + 10 Chance to each combat form.
Cost: 12,000
Instinct - + 25% Chance to each combat form.

Incoming - Fire 4 rockets, one along each diagonal.
Cost: 1,500
Lighter Fluid - Gain faster roast-meter regeneration.
Cost: 4,000
Big Papa - Drop a single, massive bomb.
Cost: 9,000
Nitro - Gain the quickest roast-meter regeneration.
Cost: 12,500
Airstrike - Fire 4 additional rockets, along the cardinal directions.
Cost: 45,000

Moolah - Earn more money (+ 20%).
Cost: 2,000
More Bucks - Earn still more money (+ 50%).
Cost: 5,000
Megabucks - Earn even more money (+ 100%).
Cost: 13,000
Gonzo - Earn the most possible (+ 150%).
Cost: 50,000

Walkthrough Guide on Kamikaze Pigs
Earning Gold in Kamikaze Pigs
The reason it seems so hard to get money is that each replay earns you less money. You only get more money when your score for a level is better than your previous best record. Therefore, the money upgrades should always take priority. Once you have a higher level money upgrade, go back and try for the best combo for each stage. With the +150% money upgrades, and going through all the stages with the highest combo. The hidden levels are the best ones to re-play as some of them give you $40,000 on the first try. Doing this strategy, I maxed out my upgrades and got 6 stars on all maps.

Tips & Tricks on Kamikaze Pigs
If you can't afford the last upgrade, you can consider selling away the most useless upgrade when you are reaching the last few stages. So in the case of Kamikaze Pigs, the most useless upgrade will be that add money upgrades. I won the game without the last 150% and 100% money upgrades. As long as you have most of the weapon upgrades, the money upgrade isn't needed to clear the hidden boss.


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