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The King's League: Odyssey: Walkthrough Guide

The King's League: Odyssey

List of Stats on The King's League: Odyssey
Strength - Increases physical damage.
Stamina - Increases hit points.
Intelligence - Increases magical damage. Magicians and knights have increased magical defense.
Agility - Increase physical defense and knockback resistance. Archers gain bonus increased damage.

List of Basic Training on The King's League: Odyssey
Gym (3 TP, 6 Days) - Add Strength
Read (3 TP, 6 Days) - Add Intelligence
Dance (3 TP, 6 Days) - Add Aglity
Swim (3 TP, 6 Days) - Add Stamina
Travel (4 TP, 9 Days) - Add stats randomly

List of Advanced Training on The King's League: Odyssey
Swordplay (5 TP, 12 Days) - Add Strength and Agility
Equestrian(5 TP, 12 Days) - Add Stamina and Agility
Debate (5 TP, 12 Days) - Add Intelligence and Agility
Chess (5 TP, 12 Days) - Add Intelligence
Wrestle (5 TP, 12 Days) - Add Strength and Stamina
Hunting (8 TP, 15 Days) - Add stats randomly

List of Units on The King's League: Odyssey
Knight's Path
Knight -> Templar -> Paladin
Knight -> Crusader -> Hero

Warrior's Path
Warrior -> Lancer -> Gladiator
Warrior -> Spearman -> Berserker

Magician's Path
Magician -> Wizard -> Sage
Magician -> Cleric -> Bishop

Archer's Path
Archer -> Ranger -> Sniper
Archer -> Hunter -> Sentinel

Rogue's Path
Rogue -> Assassin

List of Upgrade Units on The King's League: Odyssey
Hall of Guardians
Jobs: Knight, Templar, Paladin, Crusader, Hero
Rank 1
Steady Sword - Slightly increases attack power.
Steady Stance - Slightly increases defense.
Rank 2
Swift Steps - Slightly increases movement speed.
Determined Will - Slightly increases maximum health.
Rank 3
Brave Heart - Reduces damage done by physical attacks.
Guarded Mind - Reduces damage done by magical attacks.
Rank 4
Steadfast Duty - Reduces the rate of being knocked back.
Knightly Spirit - Increases more health points.
Rank 5
Valorous Strike - Knocks back enemies even more.
Shining Armor - Reduces some damage done by physical and magical attacks.
Recommended Build: Steady Sword, Swift Steps, Brave Heart, Knightly Spirit, Shining Armor

Bastion of Courage
Jobs: Warrior, Lancer, Spearman, Gladiator, Berserker
Rank 1
Robust Stabs - Slightly increases the attacks power.
Sharpened Blade - Slightly increases the chances to deal critical attacks.
Rank 2
Chain Mail - Slightly increases the defense.
Shield of Honour - Slightly increases maximum health points.
Rank 3
Headstrong - Reduces the rate of being knocked back.
Sure Strides - Slightly increases movement speed.
Rank 4
Focused Thrusts - Increases more chances to deal critical attacks.
Precise Incision - Greatly increases damage done through critical attacks.
Rank 5
Chivalrous Will - Reduces some damage done by physical and magical attacks.
Vigilant Spirit - Increases more maximum health points.
Recommended Build: Robust Stabs, Shield of Honour, Sure Strides, Precise Incision, Chivalrous Will

Arcane Sanctum
Jobs: Magician, Wizard, Sage, Cleric, Bishop, Enchantress, Kurestal Maiden
Rank 1
Mystic Chants - Slightly increases the power of the magical attacks.
Speedy Spells - Casting time is reduced.
Rank 2
Meditated Offense - Slightly increases the chances to deal critical attacks.
Farsight - Slightly increases casting range.
Rank 3
Divination Focus - Increases more chances to deal critical attacks.
Impairment Charm - Greatly increases the damage done by critical attacks.
Rank 4
Spirits Within - Further reduces casting time.
Mist of Vision - Further increases casting range.
Rank 5
Omnipotence - Increase more magical attack power.
Enchanted Conjures - Boosts the damage done by critical attacks.
Recommended Build: Speedy Spells, Farsight, Impairment Charm, Spirits Within, Omnipotence

Sentry Spire
Jobs: Archer, Ranger, Hunter, Sniper, Sentinel
Rank 1
Precise Projectile - Slightly increases attack power.
Long Aim - Archers shoot further.
Rank 2
Keen Eye - Slightly increases the chances to deal critical attacks.
Strafe Shots - Increases attack speed.
Rank 3
Sharpshooter - Greatly increases the damage done by critical attacks.
Piercing Projectiles - Increases more attack power.
Rank 4
Arrow Shower - Increases more attack speed.
Swift Sight - Archers shoot even further.
Rank 5
Bolt of Might - Increases chances to shoot an arrow with a boosted knockback force.
Dual Shot - Archer have a slight chance of performing a Double Attack.
Recommended Build: Long Aim, Strafe Shots, Piercing Projectiles, Arrow Shower, Dual Shot

Den of Chaos
Jobs: Rouge, Thief, Assassin
Rank 1
Cunning Advances - Slightly increases attack power.
Sneaky Attacks - Slightly increases the chance to deal critical attacks.
Rank 2
Gusty Offense - Greatly increases the damage done by critical attacks.
Zealous Will - Greatly increases attack power.
Rank 3
Well Prepared - Slightly increases maximum health points.
Shadow Maneuvers - Increases dodge rate.
Rank 4
Accurate Aims - Raise the chances for attacks to pierce through enemy defenses.
Surprise Surge - Attacks have a higher knockback force.
Rank 5
Leery - Increases the chance to reduce most damage taken by attacks.
Silent Skirmish - Greatly increases the chances to deal critical attacks.
Recommended Build: Sneaky Attacks, Gusty Offense, Shadow Maneuvers, Accurate Aims, Silent Skirmish

Upgrade Facilities
Administration Office
Far Reach - Recruits can be hired from the Forest and Mountain.
Grand Recruitment - Recruits can be hired from the Forest and Mountain.
Prime Tributes - Conquered territories provide 20% more income.
Crystaville - Conquered territories provide double a number of crystals.

Training Facilities
Train Hard - Increases maximum training points by 2.
Workout - Increases maximum training points by 5.
Buff Up - Unlocks Advanced Training.
Muscle Mania - Doubles the effectiveness of training.

Battle Headquarters
Upperclass - Unlocks Class Upgrades.
Lavish Returns - Siege loot is increased by 20%.
Rapid Fire - Costs and days spent on sieges are slightly reduced.
Breakthrough - Unlocks Final Class Advancements.

Quest Union
Glorify - Unlocks Quests from Blades of Glory.
Karma - Quests give more rewards.
Shady Deals - Unlocks Quests from Shadow Crops.
Favorable - Quests give double a number of reputation points.

Recommended Build on The King's League: Odyssey
1. Training Facilities
2. Battle Headquarters
3. Administration Office
4. Quest Union
5. Repeat!

Unlocking Unique Characters on The King's League: Odyssey
Quinsforth the Lancer: Support the Lancers in the polearms tournament.
Tybolt the Spearman: Support the spearmen in the polearms tournament.
Adela the Enchantress: Beat the capital League without losing a single match. Look for her in the mountains.
Corthello the Cleric: Get defeated an X (around 4-5) number of times in a row. You'll get an event to look for him in the village.
Iruine the Ranger: The event triggers somewhere in the second year. Recruit him in the forest.
Greg the Hunter: Beat all the Kongregate exclusive quests, then recruit him in the forest.
Christable the Thief: Gather and save a lot of gold, at least 80k and above. Recruit her in the city.

Walkthrough Guide on The King's League: Odyssey
Build 2 Berserkers, 2 Snipers and Assassin
This is my victorious build. To be honest, Berserker role is mainly about taking damage for the team and do some early damage as soon as they charge forward. On the other hand, Assassin will dodge his way through to slain any weak enemies in his way with its critical attacks. Snipers are the ones staying at the back, doing tons of damage especially with its Dual Shot!

Build 2 Bishops and 3 Assassins
This setup is another one of my favorite! Bishops' healing are so overpowering; it makes your assassins almost invincible. These untouchable fellows will just slice and dice through enemies in their path. Critical, critical and more critical! Totally worth give this build a try.

Build 5 Unique Characters; Berserker, Sniper, Cleric, Hero, and Assassin
Berserkers are extremely aggressive attackers; they can deal and absorb damage well. Sniper occasionally takes units out in one shot. Clerics do what they do best, healing. Lots of healing! Hero and Assassin defend well against ranged units, they do superb damage and clean up any weak opponent fast. The most ideal build! :)


  1. Nice and effective guide. Now, I am building to play 5 assassins.

    1. I tried the 5 assassin build. It is the best build I have played thus far. Better than 5 uniques, and better than 5 berkerkers.

  2. When you say lose an X amount of times, does it have to be in a certain league?

    1. nope, i did around 5 times at the starting of the game

  3. 5 uniques: Berserker, Sniper, Priest, Hero, and Assassin
    I never lost.

    1. Tried and worked perfectly! Thanks and I have added it into the guide. :)

  4. Where can I play the Kongregate exclusive quests?

  5. What about the enchantress is she no good?

    1. Enchantress is really nice, he deal lots of damage to multiple enemies, she can take down 2 archers at once :)

  6. I have lost eight times straight in a row and have yet to meet Corthello, also, I have past 100k gold and still have yet to meet Christable.

    1. I got Christable, but I cannot get Corthello! it is sooo annoying

    2. Christable= save 80,000 gold then look in city, Corthello= lose 4 times in a row then look in village

  7. I'm missing something, how do you get berserkers and snipers? Never seen them. Ty!

    1. For Berserker, you need to advance from Warrior to Spearman then to Berserker. Same thing for Sniper too, start from Archer to Ranger then to Sniper. You can read the guide above again, I've just added the different advancement pathways under 'List of Units'. Go check it out! :D

  8. You can get Tybolt and Quinsworth I have 2 times. I don't know how I got them both.And I have one question that is Can you get your stats past 99 I have all my stats maxed out on each character but still can I but it doesn't show up?

  9. in kurechii you can get irvine the ranger if you complete 40 quests

  10. polearm tournament+city recruit =get 2 exclusive warrior but city recruit only 5% work

  11. beat city league=mountain recruit=exclusive magician

  12. Lose 4 battles in a row and search in the Village=get corthello

  13. Does gym training increase archer's ranged damage more than agility or na?

  14. how can i get the special hunert i have the specil berserker and sniper and assian but how do i get hunteror michigan

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