Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Evilgeddon Spooky Max Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

Evilgeddon Spooky Max
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Play Online: Evilgeddon Spooky Max
Developer: FireBeastStudio & Mofunzone
Genre: Shooter, Upgrades

Game Review
Another brand new week, another Monday. I shall do a shooter game review to start off my week. People, try Evilgeddon Spooky Max! It is a pretty awesome flash game that shows a very good potential for expansion. Currently, you'll have to deal with 9 various enemies, 3 baddest bosses and 1 Sneaky Slenderman! I am not exaggerating but this game is quite challenging and interesting one.

Basically, the world you living in are conquered by chaotic creatures of the netherworld and no one have ever dared to fight back. Now, it's duty to put an end to this and save your hometown. You basically begin off with an underrated handgun and things escalated quickly. You will face 3 different enemies above you and with your current weapon is not going to be easy on your first stage. However, you are able to loot new weapons from dead corpse or from a friendly unit Ghost. After 10 waves, the stage boss will be released and your objective is to kill it then advances to stage 2 and 3. I must repeat myself the game is not easy; It took me nearly 2 hours to complete the game.

For the most part, the monsters swarming around you is overwhelming, especially when you're trying to get to Ghost or weapons that would otherwise help you. Even money becomes impossible sometimes because the monsters swarm you to death. Besides that, you have an automatic miss mechanic in the game. It can be frustrating at times but slowly vanishes as you progressively upgrade your weapons.

But don't let me bring you down, even with a high difficulty. Evilgeddon Spooky Max is easily the 5 star shooter out there with its awesome content; upgrade system, weapons shop and secret shop. Overall, Evilgeddon Spooky Max holds great gameplay and so darn appealing graphics.

Evilgeddon Spooky Max Guide
List of Enemies in Evilgeddon Spooky Max
Zombie - Pathetic creature with the lowest status (developing victim).
Melee attack, Low health, Slow movement
Ghost - Not your slave but carries over supplies that you'll need more than ever.
Friendly unit, No attack, Get close to them to get item
Skeleton - They are the escapist from the bone museum and they bring dagger.
Fair speed, Low health, Medium damage
Pumpkin - Not a disco light but don't get too close or boom!
Explode when killed or near hero, Damn high explosive damage, Damage both hero and enemies
Mummy - Wrapped with stolen bandage and very good on playing dead.
Dead on 2nd attempt, Slow movement, Melee attack.
Wolf - Human best pal and they charge after your bones.
Charge attack, Fast movement, Medium damage
Franktenstein - Built with 0.1 Ghz Dull Cortex Rocky Bridgeand and a damn big fist.
Low speed, High health, High damage
Witch - Doesn't hurt you alone, calls back up. Genius!
Summon units, No attack, Fair speed
Phantom - Learnt the secret of teleportation. Better don't stop moving!
Backstab attack, High damage, Fast speed

List of Weapons in Evilgeddon Spooky Max
ShotGun - Spread shot, Special Upgrade: Increase spread area
Sniper - Range shot, Special Upgrade: Piercing shot
Flame Thrower - Burn, Special Upgrade: Increase burn damage
Sub Machine Gun - Rapid shot, Special Upgrade: Dual SMG
Rocket Lancher - Explosion, Special Upgrade: Double rocket shot
Laser Gun - Long area damage, Special Upgrade: Increase beam size
Gatling Gun - Burst Shot, Special Upgrade: Portable weight Gatling Gun

List of Upgrades in Evilgeddon Spooky Max
HP - Increase max health
Speed - Increase movement speed
Magnet - Increase magnet radius
Evasion - Increase chance to dodge attack
Armor - Increase defense
Critical Blow - Increase critical chance
Dirty Cash - Increase coin amount

List of Secrets in Evilgeddon Spooky Max
Rank D
Secret Scroll #D1 - Congrats you earned $1000
Secret Scroll #D2 - Use Flamethrower to deal more damage on Pumpkin
Secret Scroll #D3 - Handgun upgraded: 2x damage (permanent)
Secret Scroll #D4 - Avoid obstacle while shooting cause obstacle blocks your bullets!
Secret Scroll #D5 - Play safe dude, have enough rest, hardcore gamers are bad ya know...
Secret Scroll #D6 - Congrats you earned $15000
Secret Scroll #D7 - The butcher is made of gunny sack, fire will surely burn some bonus damage

Rank C
Secret Scroll #C1 - Congrats you earned $3000
Secret Scroll #C2 - Use Rocket Launcher to deal more damage on Mummy
Secret Scroll #C3 - Get 3 stars by clicking the trash bin in Stage 2
Secret Scroll #C4 - Try unlock achievements, their rewards would be helpful
Secret Scroll #C5 - The faster you call the next wave, the more bonus HP you will get
Secret Scroll #C6 - Handgun upgraded: accuracy increased (permanent)
Secret Scroll #C7 - It's really not recommended to encounter the wolf dude in close range... You know the weapon for assasination, right?

Rank B
Secret Scroll #B1 - Congrats you earned $5000
Secret Scroll #B2 - Use Shotgun to deal more damage on Wolf
Secret Scroll #B3 - Handgun upgraded: firing speed increased (permanent)
Secret Scroll #B4 - Use Gatling Gun to deal more damage on Frankenstein
Secret Scroll #B5 - The skeleton summoned by Witch doesn't drop money.
Secret Scroll #B6 - Congrats you earned $20000
Secret Scroll #B7 - The bloodsucker is almost invincible and there's no sun light. Well, there's a weapon with ultraviolet power... The big one...

Rank A
Secret Scroll #A1 - Congrats you earned $10000
Secret Scroll #A2 - Use Sniper to deal more damage on Witch
Secret Scroll #A3 - Get 3 stars by clicking the mailbox in Stage 1
Secret Scroll #A4 - Kill faster and avoid enemies to increase your combo rate. Once you enter fever state, enemies will likely to drop gold
Secret Scroll #A5 - Critical deals 2x damage
Secret Scroll #A6 - Get 3 stars by clicking the painting in Stage 3
Secret Scroll #A7 - Well the hero's name is... Maho. He is far far far very far cousin of Marco in the Marco's Panic game

Rank S
Secret Scroll #S1 - Congrats you earned $30000
Secret Scroll #S2 - Use Laser Gun to deal more damage on Phantom
Secret Scroll #S3 - Get 3 stars by clicking the statue mask in Stage 3
Secret Scroll #S4 - Right click and find something great!
Secret Scroll #S5 - Reload Ammo Cheat Activated. Type this while playing: shitjustgotreal
Secret Scroll #S6 - HP Heal Cheat Activated. Type this while playing: gangnamstyle
Secret Scroll #S7 - Get 3 stars by clicking the pumpkin house in Stage 2

Strategy in Evilgeddon Spooky Max
Always go to secret shop and get all the free money. Free money is under D1, D6, C1, B1, B6, A1, S1. Then go for handgun upgrades which is under D3, C6, B3, A5. Once you get all the handgun upgrades, jump straight to "Get 3 Stars" which is under C3, A3, A6, S3, S7. Then, slowly unlock your cheats and other less important secrets.

For upgrades build:
Go for Dirty Money, Magnet, Speed, Critical Blow, HP, Evasion then armor. Once you have 75 stars and you have all the upgrades, you can reset your stars and upgrade all except Dirty Money and Magnet.

For weapons build:
Go for Shotgun, Sniper, Rocket Launcher, Gatling Gun, Sub Machine Gun, Sniper then Flamethrower. Special effects, Accuracy, Attack and Firing Speed are very important. You can ignore Ammo until stage 3 because there is plenty of weapons you can loot from.

Note: If you want to save time typing cheats, pause first, type the cheat except the last letter, unpause, and type in the last letter.


  1. Je ne comprends pas comment faire pour faire mon code en mettant pause

    1. You can actually type cheats without pausing the game but you might be killed by the enemies. This is a way to type cheats without dying. First you have to pause the game. Type in "gangnamstyl", then unpause and type "e" immediately. The cheats will activate, provided you don't type it wrongly. I hope it helps!

  2. Secret Scroll #S4 - Right click and find something great! Did anyone find anything great

  3. right click the screen and there is a option to click it and get 5 stars