Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Alone Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

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Play Online: Alone
Developer: TurtleSoup
Genre: Puzzle

Game Review
A brilliant little game with a creative concept I don't think I have yet seen before! Basically, this is a block-pushing puzzle with a small twist. I think the idea behind the game can be best described as follows; I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone. In summary, you have to move the little x block surrounded by other less opaque block away alone in the number of moves allowed.

It is a little disappointing because there are only 9 levels but overall, it is still fun as is. There is a very well-balanced progression of difficulty and I managed to solve those seemingly difficult puzzles in 15 minutes. I was surprised by the last puzzle. I think you guys can solve it pretty easily if you ever played Pokemon Silver/Gold on a Gameboy; it is somewhat the same puzzle before fighting the 5th gym leader. I feel so nostalgic now... Where's my Gameboy?! :)

I personally like the lack of color; adding any color would likely ruin the feel of the game in my opinion. Less is more sometimes, however a little more contrast is needed for the text. It is just a little too subdued, but for a flash game that is created under 7 hours for a competition. You got to admit this is definitely a good piece of work. Even if I got the knowledge to make games, I don't think I would have even complete 1/3 in of what the developer have done in 7 hours.

Alone Guide
Solution to Alone
Level 1: R
Level 2: R U R R U U
Level 3: U L U U
Level 4: U R D D R R D
Level 5: L R D U R D R R R U R R R R
Level 6: L U U L L U U U U R R R R D D D D D D D D R R R R R R R U U U U U U U U R R R
Level 7: R R R R D U L L D D R D D R L U L D L L L L U U L L U U U L
Level 8: D D R R U U R U R D D D U U U U U L D L L L U U L L L L L L D D L
Level 9: U L U D R R U L U U L U D R R U L U U U R R U


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